So I dip-dyed my hair at the start of this week! Not a big fan of taking photos alone and I am so bad at the whole selfie thing. I really tried to get a photo of me + my hair a ridiculous number of times, but I failed. So here’s a photo of the dip-dyed hair and my pillow pet!! I hope it’s clear enough to see the blue colour! It’s kinda ombre from dark green, where the dip dye starts to blue at the ends :> I’m so pleased with my mermaid colored hair!

If you can’t be a mermaid, have mermaid hair!

I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” – Hilary Clinton

I’ve been feeling so adventurous and experimental with my hair. I was toying with the idea of an undercut, Cher Lloyd style, until I thought about what would happen when it starts to grow out. And honestly, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. In my head, it looks really ugly. So I googled it and there were no google images on “undercut growing out”. Probably for a legit reason. So… I shall just stick to dip-dyes and experimenting with colours.

People always say that there is the breakup hair syndrome where girls/ women change their hairdo by cutting/ dyeing it etc and doing SOMETHING with their hair post-breakup. I’ve seen it happen to people and it kind of has happened to me too. Post-the-mess, I started doing ALL sorts of crazy, on impulse things- I bought a unicycle (that I still can’t ride up till today) and went for my first dip-dye.

I was having lunch at Piquenique with Eunice and Kris one Saturday before church and I just randomly said I wanted to dip-dye my hair. So after calling our moms for the go ahead, Kris and I went on our hair adventure! And Eunice had her own hair adventure too when she bought this hair thing to tie her hair up in a nice bun!

My very first picture with my green dip-dye in 2012 with my pretty bby โค


The above photo was taken right after dip-dyeing so the colour hasn’t really set yet. But after a few days of washing and of the dye-running, it became a brighter green!

HAHAH ok not THIS green either, but I really like this photo! :> Although my mum says that I look like a demon child ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I was very reluctant to post this photo cause of the bad fringe and it’s my bad side but this is a photo of Chris, Kris and I at church camp โค And you can see Kris’ pretty hair here! :> We had Christmas tree hair cause mine was green (although it blends in with my top in this photo) and Kris’ was red!


I left for Australia quite shortly after church camp. I left Singapore with green dip-dyed ends and I came back with ombre hair. So here are a few shots from my Australia trip to show the progression of my hair colour.

At Mamasita, a Mexican restaurant with the place with the BEST corn cob in the world! It is amazing, for everyone that is in/ is going to Melbourne, please go to Mamasita and try the corn cobs there! I promise that you will not regret it! You can thank me after trying it :> Okay, little advert is over. Look, my hair matches the colour of the peacoat! I was telling Xue that I feel like a flasher because the coat is so big haha.


So while I am at it, here’s one more advert for another must-visit restaurant in Melbourne. Stalactites, a Greek restaurant at Lygon Street. This was taken with Kim and Ariel Mae, who were both so kind to take me out for lunch and show me around Melbourne City for a bit :> Look at the green ends, which you probably can’t see clearly because it blends quite perfectly into the coat!


And there’s this really cool cafe near QV Market in Melbourne that has booths that look like the How I Met Your Mother booths! Here, my dip-dyed ends have already started to turn brown!


An instax taken outside the airport with Xue :> Love this bbg so much! This was at the airport when I was leaving Melb for Sydney. By then my hair had already turned brown!


Since July 2012, my ombre hair has been pretty characteristic! I only cut it once at the end of 2012 because I couldn’t bear to cut the dip-dyed ends off and my hair has grew so big and thick! And very damaged.ย That’s why I decided to go for a haircut and while I was at it, I decided to dip-dye my hair again and this time I went for blue. I was so excited while dip-dyeing my hair because it was the first time that I used a hair steamer in my entire life :> And I couldn’t resist taking a photo.


I sat there for FOUR freaking hours. Initially, the dip-dye job went wrong because he didn’t bleach it enough so it turned out a dusty-green/ grey colour. And I REALLY FREAKED OUT. To those I was texting at that point in time, I sent texts along the lines of “OMG, my hair is now a dusty green grey color!!! :(” But the hair stylist was really nice and patient and bleached it one more time and dyed it and tadaaaaaaa~ It turned out perfect! To me, at least. I love it :>

So here, is my fail selfie! HAHAH

ย photo-10

And this is the LAST photo, I promise. (I feel so narcissistic, posting so many photos of myself!) Here’s how my hair looks like, no flash, no filter. And if you look close enough, you can see the green to blue gradient :>




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