School was getting pretty dreary and life was looking all too gloomy with LAWR Final memo deadline looming, moot practice and all so I was very glad when Ladies Night with Neek, Vee and Kris materialized. Don’t get me wrong, I love law school but I am always glad for my respites away from the school work – be it a nice dinner after school or partying it up with my girls instead of staying in school to mug.

Before Wednesday night came around, I realised I haven’t clubbed in AGES. And I kind of do miss the pre-uni degen life. The last time was probably Avicii last year or the week after? It’s really been too long, I can’t even remember the last time I clubbed. (But then again, I never really remember my nights out hahah) So I was really really excited for Ladies Night because it’s been too long AND it was my first time clubbing with these girls! Instead of the usual pre game by the river, we went for pre drinks at Social Haus, which is really pretty! We didn’t stay long, but I have a feeling that I’ll be back there again soon :>

And we photobooth-ed! Got all these photos off the Hello Stranger website!







We were still all too sober so YAY for free flow drinks at the lower bar kudos to Kris’ baller friend :> (Even though they only had vodka mixes). And we were really super early so the dance floor at main Zouk was empty when we reached and Velvet dance only had a few lonely souls dancing. And… I can’t really remember details after the empty dance floors because we just kept going back to the bar for drinks cause it was too empty and drinks have a way of messing with your mind. I remember Vee gushing about sour plum shots though. “I love sour plum shots” she said, only about 10 times. I don’t even remember how we got them, but we did, WADDUP~ And the music was pretty sick. LUVITTTTT. 


Wednesday was like a blast to the past, back to the degen pre-uni life, which I honestly have kind of missed (just a little bit). I dare say that overall, it was a good night with the girls :> 

Nights out at Zouk are never complete without running into John HAHA. (Half) Kidding, I’m posting this photo cause I look tall and long in here, yay! :> HAHA


Love you, my very own Nicki Minaj :> We’ve come a long way, my dear P1 best friend. I love this photo of us cause we look so very happy here!


Love you girls, heaps. Twas a really good night with yall. Let’s do it again soon, post exams (maintain a little bit more the next time round though haha)


I’m totally a Total Recall fan right now. Where and when else can you club to Sk8er Boi or You Belong with Me?! (MAYBE they do play Taylor Swift songs at Phuture… but still) Honestly, I barely remember all the songs played that night but I do remember singing/ shouting along to heaps of familiar songs from when I was in primary/ secondary school. Adrian Wee is a real genius, I swear. I’m so glad they are officially launching Total Recall this Wednesday. I might have to pass cause of LAWR and the looming exams (BOOO, SCHOOL ). But it’s gonna be around for a long time, it has to! I have THE PERFECT dress for Total Recall, which I did not get to wear on Wednesday. So I guess that means another night of Total Recall soon enough :>

Looking for some trouble tonight
Take my hand, I’ll show you the wild, side
Like it’s the last night of our lives
We’ll keep dancing till we die 

(By the way, you should listen to Die Young and look at the gif HAHAHA)



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