I had a puppy when I was in primary school. We named him Jacky because my family is the family of ‘J’s – Jeffrey, Jennifer, Joelle and Janelle (+ Jacky). I remember picking him up from the pet shop one night and cradling him in my lap the whole car ride home. When we first trained him – toilet trained him and taught him the basic ‘sit’, ‘heel’ and other commands, I remember my dad would use the newspaper to hit him when he was naughty and I would cry because he was my baby boy. I remember taking him for obedience courses which didn’t work cause my Jacky boy had a mind of his own. We always called him a mad dog because he would run around the house all the time and when visitors come, he would bark like crazy the moment the door bell rang and he would pounce on them when they walked in. I can still remember the sound of Jacky’s paws against the marbled floor at home. I remember once, my friend came to wash my dog for his scouts project and it was hilarious because Jacky just kept pouncing on him the whole time and chasing him around the playground. Being the amazing friend I am, I just sat there and laughed hahaha.

At the Botanical Gardens with Janelle and Jacky when he was 2/3 months old.


We took very few photos together because this was back in the days when photos were all on film and we didn’t have the convenience of a digital camera so this is one of the precious few photos with him. Yes, my sister and I were always the fashionistas, HAHA. Jacky’s a schnauzer x poodle so he has pretty curly black fur! He really was the cutest thing ever. In the photo above he has a red eye, but that’s just the camera’s issue. Jacky had the most beautiful blue and black eyes.

But back then I was too young, immature and irresponsible to take good care of it. I remember wanting a pet dog cause a lot of my friends had one. So I embarked on a project to bug my parents to get me a pet. It started off with printing notes about the breed I was interested in, writing proposals and I adapted Aaron Carter’s “I want candy” HAHAH. Hey, don’t mock I ended up getting Jacky so I think the song worked it’s magic. But at around 10-12 years old, I didn’t understand what having a pet would entail and in the end we had to give the puppy away because of various reasons at home. We gave him away to a family of dog lovers and they have other dogs at home and he is very happy there with all his other doggy friends! I would like to think that now I am ready and I can commit to the responsibility of having a pet – that I can do all the grooming and cleaning of the cage and all that.

I saw this video on Facebook and the caption explained how the dog was abandoned by its owners and the dog was chasing after the car, expecting the owners to let it in 😦 I managed to find this clip on YouTube cause I can’t embed Facebook videos for some strange reasons but this video does not have any sound. It’s really sad though 😦 I just wanna pick that poor baby up and hug it 😦 It made me think too that although Jacky is taken care of by owners that can take much better care of him, it must have been terrible when we left him at their place 😦 Ugh. Terrible terrible terrible. I will never make the same mistake of owning a pet when I am not ready or when I can’t be responsible for it.

I wish I still had my Jacky and that I had fought hard enough to keep him when my mum wanted to give him away. Hopefully one day I can make things right, if not with Jacky, with a new pet. If you have a pet, please go cuddle your pet right now and know that you are very fortunate and very blessed to have that QTpie of yours. xx


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