Freshman Year

As of 2nd May 2013, I have officially finished Year 1 of Law School and it feels so surreal. It’s so strange that exams are over now and there’s no need to hole myself up at home in my room or at the Sapore Room/ Angsana 2 in school to mug. I honestly don’t know what I will do on Sundays because the past few Sundays have all been spent studying in school. And it is strange, but a good kind of strange, that I don’t have to do that anymore.

This was my motivation for the longest time.


Now, hello, the highly anticipated summer break!!!! And hello life, it is good to have you back! 🙂

It feels so surreal really that I’ve completed one whole year of law school – from orientation camp, to the first semester with all the LAWR madness, second semester with LAWR madness again and everything. It’s been such a crazy past two semesters but I have really been so blessed and I am so thankful.

Those close to me would know that last year this time, I was mulling over which university to go to because I had a place at London School of Economics for Law or an option at Kings to do Politics, Philo and Law with a partial scholarship from Kings. And it was truly very very very tempting. Then of course, I had my place at NUS as well. Every day, I would change my mind about where to go. I kid you not, it really was every day. I would alternate between going to London and staying in Singapore and I really pity the friends who went through that crazy decision making process with me because I probably made you guys as confused as I was. I had friends who said “just tell me after you have decided ok?!” or “(Insert expletive), you still haven’t decided yet?!” I hate making big decisions, so tough, really. But thank you friends, I really appreciate all of you who were ding dong-ing with me :’)

After one whole year in NUS, I have come to realise that either way would not have been a wrong decision. I’m sure the UK and local universities all offer quality education. Of course, there are days that I wish I had gone to London instead. But there are also many days that I am convinced that I made the right decision to stay. I remember helping out at Open Day last month and it was during Open Day when I had to bring prospective students and their parents to tour law school that really made me realised how happy I am in NUS. I was just counting my law school blessings and I am extremely thankful for the friends that I have made in school. Law school can be crazy shit, but it is the friends I’ve made in law school that really keep me going. So here’s a pictorial recount of all the things (mainly people) that I am thankful for in law school. *Disclaimer: There are quite a lot of photos. And hopefully in chronological order:

1. Judith, Joni and Iris :’) This was taken at Law Bash last year @ Zouk.


I’m ever so thankful that we were in the same orientation group for law camp and that I found you girls :’)

2. I remember the first few days of law school with a new macbook = making use of the Photobooth function and camwhoring in school hahha. I have an album on Facebook called Law School but it is in actual fact just an album for all the shameless camwhoring on Photobooth.

Judsypoodsy ❤


I just realised that we have been in the same schools our whole lives – from SC primary to SC secondary and then AC and now NUS Law. I have no idea why we never good friends then, I guess you were too cool for me hahaha but I really thank God that I got to know you in law school :’) :’)

This was taken at our wonderful canteen, The Summit. I still remember it was between during the break between LAWR lecture and LAWR tutorial on a Monday 🙂  We look so gorgeous here.


 3. MY BABIES – Benita, Xinyuan, Iris, Judith, Carissa, Joni

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”


I remember how I really wanted to do the whole Mean Girls “on wednesdays we wear pink” thing (I can’t remember why now) and I was kinda bummed because wednesdays were for tutorial and all our tutorial timings were different. BUT we found a Wednesday with lecture and we made it work! It was hilarious because there was a whole row of 7 of us in pink and I think we looked pretty ridiculous but it was great fun!


4. I discovered the magic that is Snyders. This was taken before a torts lecture if I’m not wrong haha.


5. My amazing LAWR TG


Celebratory shot at the Upper Quad post LAWR Viva in Sem 1!


I’m so glad for my LAWR TG and how we managed to survive one whole year of LAWR together. The learning curve for LAWR was crazy steep and I think we were just thrown into the deep end but we managed to struggle and float our way through it! :’) I’m very thankful for post LAWR lunch where I find out I am not the only one that was lost in class and for the brilliant minds in my TG that helped me through LAWR!

Okay, my chronology is gone. Haha. Another LAWR TG shot taken on Valentines Day!


6. My LAWR girls – Natalie, Min Hui and Shannon 


For crazy Halloween Horror Night @ USS adventure, post Sem 1 exam celebration at Zouk which ended rather eventfully hahaha and for everything really. So much love ❤

7. Of course my OG friends – Victor, Benji, David, Yong Quan, Iris, Judith and Joni


The group that I went night cycling with and succeeded in cycling from ECP all the way to Changi Village and back! (Back story is that the last time I went night cycling with the churchies, I got so tired and fed up, I refused to continue cycling HAHAH) And I will never forget our Hip Hop lesson at Danz People. Plus all the crazy nonsense and shit stirring that happened in the past year.

8. Godly friends to keep me grounded in my faith. 

It’s so amazing how one of my best friend’s best friend is now my good friend in law school :’) I am so thankful for Liting – for the accountability that we have and for always being so timely in her encouragement. I am so so thankful that I have someone that I can talk to about my faith – for the invitation to go for Fusion which was a much needed time of worship and for everything :’) And for Mayann. I’ve been so thankful for her from SC days till now. I just realised how three of us seem to be going through similar situations in life and God helped us find our way to each other and used each other as encouragements and reminders that He never fails.

Liting 🙂 


 Mayann 🙂


9. Opportunities

I have been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities in law school. I was able to volunteer at pro bono clinics, help out at the Family Court and I even got a chance to interview an accused (but I failed miserably because it was in Mandarin). I’m so thankful for all these opportunities which really opened my eyes to how fortunate I am and how much need there is in Singapore.


THIS is what really goes on in law school, haha.


I don’t know how I only discovered the magic that is the lounge in second sem but I guess it is a blessing in disguise. For the bulk of sem 2, I remember spending a lot of time in the lounge playing table tennis, pool and then a lot of foosball table when the new table came in. It’s crazy how we can spend an hour or more just playing foosball. I am so terrible at it, I should be ashamed of myself. But I still show my face in the lounge anyway and I have good friends who still allow me to be on their team even though I am a liability HAHA. It really made me look forward to school though. In fact, the lounge was one of the only reasons why I looked forward to school for awhile.

Im sure there are a lot more things and people to be thankful for but right now, I am going to enjoy my summer break!! :> Love all my law school blessings very much! Will do a post about the restaurant that we went to for post exams celebration real soon too. May we make the most out the next three months of holidays!

Since it is the 4th of May today, MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!!!! x


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