let me be Your hands and feet

I was reading the papers the other day and I was disgusted by the news about a 4 year old girl in India who died after being raped. On one hand, I am disgusted at what has happened but on the other hand there is this stark realisation that I am as human as they are and as capable of such evil. I’m definitely in no position to judge because no one’s sin is greater than other – a sin is still sin.

Every. Single. Day. I flip through the papers and amidst some good news, there will always be bad news – child rape, freak accidents on the road, death, industrial accidents, war, fights, etc. Surely this isn’t how it should be/ Let Your kingdom come.ย To me, these are reminders of how fallen a world we live in and they are testament to the mess that will ensue when we try to play god and take control. But all these news are reminders of the need in this world.

I went for Fuse tonight and it was a good time of praise and worship. I thought it was very apt when we sang this song because it really speaks about how things in the world are not right today and how only God can make it right.

And this is a video of Lincoln Brewster and he talks about what Power of Your Name means and he shares some trivia about the song too – like how his son’s heartbeat is hidden in the song!

And I just pray that with whatever little that I have and I am, God will use me and let me be His hands and feet.


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