The end.

The past two days of the week have been spent doing Law Camp orientation dry runs. The dry runs start in the morning but my body knows that it is the holidays so I have been struggling to get out of bed every morning.

We were at Sentosa today and it kept pouring so we spent more time in the pavilions than on the beach. It was the perfect weather for staying in bed, under the sheets with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. I really wanted to be at home today.

Rain, rain, rain. Pathetic fallacy. What is summer when it’s all rain and no sun?

I found out that my bunny was sold out today while sitting at Burger King and stuffing my face with with XL sized coke. It’s so silly but I probably would have cried if I weren’t in public, so I am thankful that I called the pet shop in public and not at home.

I feel a bit disoriented now that my bunny is sold out. My parents immediately said “there are cuter bunnies” “now isn’t the right time” “it is not meant to be”. (NOT THAT THEY WOULD LET ME BUY THE CUTER BUNNY ANYWAY….)

Sounds familiar; like the things they said to me after T.

But there goes the end of Joelle’s Bunny Adventures because my bunny has been sold out.

On another note, I have been stuffing my face with junk food the past two days – Carls Junior last night and Burger King yesterday. This is terrible 😦 Goodbye, summer bod.

In light of everything that has happened today, mainly the loss of my bunny, the recent Thought Catalog post on “The Grace With Which You Accept What’s Not Meant For You” is apt.


“Unrest derives largely from that which we don’t have the grace to accept isn’t for us. I can think of so many incidents in my own life in which I’ve struggled only because I couldn’t accept what was innately meant (and not meant) for me. Easier said than done, I know. But the things we leave behind are never as wonderful as those that we eventually find. The path is long and unknown but we continue because we know it’s also one of growth and experience. The most beautiful things arise from the least promising situations… light can only shine in the darkness, right? To have the grace to accept what isn’t meant for you is cultivated by finding hope, trust and faith that you will find greater things, bigger loves and better days. Knowing that when things least look like they’re going to change, that’s usually when they do.


Because it’s been a MEH day (so much so that words fail me), here’s a happy song. May things get better from here! x


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