Salt Tapas & Bar

Year 1 ended with post-exams celebration at Salt Tapas & Bar at Raffles City with the girls. I really enjoyed the experience there, so here goes my wannabe food blogger post! 🙂

The Salt brand is helmed by Luke Mangan, one of the most highly regarded chefs in Australia, and and has now expanded from Australia to Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo. So I was pretty thrilled when the girls suggested going to Salt. The girls suggested that we go to Salt at Raffles City because the branch at Ion doesn’t have a tapas menu. So if you want tapas, then head to the Raffles City branch! 🙂


Salt at Raffles City is partly alfresco (although you can’t really tell from the photo) so you can choose to sit outdoors or indoors. The restaurant has a really chill and laid back vibe and I would say that it’s good for post exam/school/ work dinners or if you are leading THE life, you could always just head to Salt for a mid day drink 🙂

The menu in Salt is divided based on the type of food so there’s “Garden” for salads and everything healthy, “Sea” which is pretty self explanatory and “Paddock” for meat + desserts and all. We ordered 3 tapas dishes from “Sea” and “Paddock” because we are healthy like that haha + 2 desserts to share!

Salt and pepper squid with lime mayo ($20)


Even before we reached, Carissa had already planned to order the calamari and so we did! I’m pretty sure other calamari recipe all make use of salt and pepper but the salt and pepper flavour in this dish was really pronounced and the sliced green chili that they used for garnishing really gave it a tangy taste as well.

Moroccan spice baby chicken, celeriac and buttered spinach ($26)


My favourite part of this dish was the spinach. You can’t see much of it in the photo but there was more spinach under the pieces of meat. I kid you not, it is really good! My friends found it a bit too salty but I think that’s why I like it. So if your tastebuds are more inclined towards salty food then go for it! It’s good!

Paella with prawns, chorizo and chicken ($38)


My friends and I unanimously decided that Salt is good simply because they make peas taste good. I was never and still probably am not a pea person. But I did not pick at the peas in the paella this time.

I’m a dessert person so my personal favourite part of the whole meal would be the Gooey Hot Chocolate Tart ($14) which comes with caramelised bananas, white chocolate ice cream (!) and honeycomb. Sounds like heaven right? It tastes like heaven too. I love white chocolate and I love ice cream so when you put the two together, wow. The tart was really good too. The name says it all. It was warm and gooey inside and it was great. It’s a must try at Salt!

We ordered churros ($11) too! The staff told us that there are only 3 churros per order but when they served us the churros, it came with 4 sticks, just right for the 4 of us! :’) Churros is one of my comfort food actually. The first time I tried it was in Melbourne, one cold winter night, along St. Kilda’s beach. And it was amazing! Maybe because it just distracted me from the cold? But San Churros is still my personal favourite and I love churros with caramel dip the best. So the churros at Salt couldn’t compare. But it was good! One of the few places in Singapore that serve churros.

Gooey Hot Chocolate Tart x Churros with Chocolate Dip


After a two and a half hour crim paper and a late night of cramming the night before, we were all pretty stoned when we reached Salt but we woke up after a good dinner. The food at Salt was really really good and the service was excellent too 🙂 The staff are really funny and they kept coming to check on us to see if we enjoy the food. Which we did. Initially, I thought I would not be full because it’s tapas but I left feeling so stuffed that I had to go home to exercise. I know I am definitely going back to Salt again in the near future (I have set my eyes on a few other items I would like to try) and I would highly recommend going there too!

Pardon the shitty post exam hair and face. Look at my pretty girls Joni, Carissa and Anisha though! :>


It was a really good meal to celebrate the end of exams and a wonderful way to welcome summer break! Happy summer break everyone! xxx

Salt Tapas & Bar 
#01-22A, Raffles City Shopping Centre
No 252, North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel: (65) 6837 0995


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