my soul vacation

i never really liked thursdays. i like Wednesday because it is the mid-week mark and it means the weekend is near. wednesday feels like the last few minutes of a two hour long lecture and you’re just counting down to the end then suddenly there’s thursday which feels like the lecturer just suddenly decided to end 15 minutes later than usual. maybe I’m just biased because thursdays have always been one of the longest days in school.

but this thursday was good although it started off in a really strange way.

i haven’t been able to get out of bed in the mornings ever since summer break started and even getting up at 10am to make it for the 12pm shift at work was a real struggle. i ended up rushing for work and my mum decided to give me a ride on the way out. i was still late. i reached the cafe at 12.20pm…. only to realise that i had not been scheduled any shifts for the day so i did not actually need to be at work and i could have actually still been a burrito in bed at that very moment. my new goal in life is to be a burrito, i really like burritos.

so i decided to just hang around since i had 5 hours to kill before i met jien nee and thankfully she could come earlier – and one hour earlier helps a lot. it was a kind of terrible day in the sense that 1) i messed up work schedule 2) it took me forever to figure out what to do. i was debating going down to bbdc to finally apply for my pdl so i can start driving lessons, but i realised i didn’t bring my glasses along. then i wanted to go back to continue watching suits but it didnt make sense either. so after my mum swung by to pick me up again, she dropped me off at the main road and i walked to coro and just sat on a random bench for an hour trying to decide what to do. 3) i did not have anything to do – of all the days not to bring a book, my ipad or even stationery, it just had to be the day that i had heaps of time to kill. NOTE TO SELF: always bring a book around. 4) as jien would put it, i got hit on by an old(er) man which was weird because of the circumstances and that was just strange. eeps.

i made my way down to holland v and decided to rent a book, find a cafe to sit down and chill. i spent half an hour in the book shop but i couldn’t find anything that interested me and the books that i were looking for weren’t in stock. so i decided to just head to the cafe and stone. thank God i found a pen in my bag so i decided to write. i didnt even have writing materials so i fished out all the receipts from my wallet (the perks of keeping receipts) and i started to write. i had an idea for a poem for the longest time so yesterday i finally managed to get some of it out.

then jien nee came!!! as good as technology is in helping you keep in touch with people – that is a lie because you can’t exactly touch them per se. you can write to them, communicate through words and letters and emoticon but nothing beats a “it has been too long since we last met” hug or a random pat on the head. i have missed jien nee. i had a lot of favourite moments with jien yesterday. i like spending time with the people i love. hashtag: overlyattachedfriend hahahaha. i really treasure my friendships like these that even though we can not see each other for months, but when we see each other again, it’s as though nothing has changed and i am very thankful and blessed to have friends like this in my life and i cannot stop thanking God for them each and every day. (so even though we may not talk all the time, if you are one of my lovely friends i love you i love you i love you x, okay sappy moment is over). we went back to everything with fries and it was weird seeing the manager i used to work with and it was even weirder that he came to take our orders. i think we had a pretty good working relationship. i hope he did not spit in my water. (not that i ever did that while waitressing). so we talked about how jien’s life in the usa, how it is good/weird to be back, citizenship issues, moving, the people that matter to us, school, boys, friend issues, etc. it was good, it felt like we were back in scgs all over again. then we went to wala for drinks and to catch the live band and it was good. i realised that the best feeling in the world is being able to go to a bar and get a mid day drink, just cause you can. then you just sit there with your beer and chill. the. best. that should be what life feels like – being able to just rest and be rested; not just during summer.

jien and i were talking to the other girls through whatsapp at wala so i didnt think much of it when she reached over for my phone. i thought she was being cute… but apparently not.


according to jien, she was trying to prove a point “see they all care about you” hahahah. i see how much my friends trust me with my drinks now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but nope, getting drunk at 8 is too early. even for me. it was really funny though i have to admit, we sat there and laughed for really long as as the replies came in.

today, i finally managed to crawl out of bed and reach school by 930 am for the law camp meeting. then i settled my pdl. I HAZ A PDL NOW, WADDUP~ i can finally start taking driving lessons soon and i am so psyched.


even though i know that im still quite far away from getting a sexy new car of my own, but a girl can dream.

i went home, made omelette, watched two episodes of suits. i realised my threshold for suits is 2 episodes per day. otherwise my brain feels a bit woozy. and it is nice when you learn something from suits that you can actually apply in law school or bring up at a conversation with law school friends (yes it happened in real life, +1 for joelle) church tonight then horror movie marathon with the .17 folks and other plans over this weekend. i’m excited because this weekend looks pretty set to be good ๐Ÿ™‚

the singer at wala sang this last night and it was good. i havent heard this song in awhile but ive missed this. i like songs with a story behind them.

I was lazy with my punctuation and capital letters. But I gotta make it right for the last sentence at least! May everyone have a great weekend ahead x

tell me, did you fall for a shooting star?
one without a permanent scar
and did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?ย 


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