Little Talks

Last Friday, I was talking to Xue over whatsapp and she told me how she likes that I blog every day then right after that I stopped blogging every day. But it is nothing personal! It’s just that the past few days have been pretty packed. I will do a proper update of the past few days soon but here is a quick fix post that I thought about over the weekend.

Last Friday night at the horror movie marathon with the boys, I made a disclaimer just before we started watching The Exorcist that if the sofa vibrates then it’s my phone ringing and not any supernatural things. Then Larry (it is not even his real name haha) threw up a few other disclaimers that “If it is wet, it is pee. If it is smelly, I shit my pants” HAHAHA. It was an interesting experience sitting in between two boys that were more or as scared as I am of horror movies so that was pretty fun :> I couldn’t stop laughing over Larry’s stupid disclaimer so this post really is a tribute to all the people that have made me laugh 🙂

I mentioned that I have a strange obsession with screenshots. It all began with my Blackberry and the Screenmuncher app where there will be cute purple monster that appears on the screen to munch the screen, complete with a munching sound. ILUVIT. So I kept taking screenshots of the things that made me happy, sad and then incriminating evidence. Evidently, this habit still stuck even now that I’m using an iPhone.

1. The iPhone’s famous damning autocorrect


I don’t even remember what I meant to type but I KNOW fosho that I definitely didn’t mean gyrate… (HI XUE, your more than 1 minute of fame because this is forever gonna be on the internet hahahah x)


This will probably go down in history as THE most damning autocorrect. I was talking to SGK about my eye candy and WOW, Kissing, seriously iPhone?! It took me forever to convince him that I mean that I was kidding and not kissing… sigh pie.

2. My punny friends


This screenshot was sent to me by Juds, from the night of Stars (!!! They were amazing!). Backstory: So basically I was wearing my brand new owl print tights (below) and just before leaving school to go for the concert, I realised that there was a hole in my tights?! And no one had a sewing kit in school but I survived without flashing anyone. My tights were definitely hole-ding up just fine!


Owl print tights x DIY flats

3. I can’t decide whether my friends love me or hate me…


4. Sometimes, I don’t know why we are friends.

ImageImageImageImageImage But having said that, although he is a retard, he is a damn nice boy that is single and available so anyone that is interested please send me your resume and I’ll work my matchmaking magic~



I knew that I would be ok for moots because my partner is so punny and she really did blow the court away with her wit. Quick back story: We were the counsel for the Appellant (a famous actress) during the moot. She was suing the Respondent for conversion of her hair because she had her haircut at a salon when the Respondent was on broom duty. To cut the long story short, the Respondent sold the Appellant’s hair for $200 per bottle… I hope this makes the puns more understandable and funny now!

7. Friends who still accept me despite my recent bunny/animal obsession :’)


 8. And I’m v thankful for fellow screenshot-taking, first friend in CEFC girl who always sees me as a better person than I think I am


I’m v thankful for all the late night conversations that we have had about God and about moving on and letting go. I’m so thankful that God placed you in my life and I have been truly truly blessed by you. We just had two friendship milestones in a day last Saturday: i) riding shotgun while Eunice drove an auto car for the first time and ii) our first sleepover hehe 🙂 lovelove!

It is really with friends like everyone above that I am so thankful for in my life. Especially during moments when other ‘friends’ take a piss on our friendship or on days that I wonder why I wasn’t worth the fight. You all are blessings and reminders that there are people that truly matter. And I shouldn’t lose sight of those that matter for those who do not. TYVM ILYVM xxx

 If you made it this far, here, an earworm for you! One of my favourite Of Monsters and Men song! :’)


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