Summer Project, 2013



In retrospect, last summer, which was my 9 month long pre uni break, kind of went to waste because I barely accomplished anything. Sure, I had fun, too much fun in fact – partied it up and led a degenerate life. So I hope to put this summer to better use and to make the most of my next three months! I have been planning my summer to do list during the exam period because it was my respite from studying and I am finally putting it up here now! So here goes: 

First four items in order of the picture above from left to right and top to bottom and the rest are just random: 

1. Learn to unicycle (haha my unicycle has been sitting under my bed for a year 😦 ) 
2. Go on photo shoots 
3. Learn to play the ukulele 
4. Read and Write 
5. Catch up on all my TV shows 
6. Meet up with the people I love
8. Mission trip to Thailand
9. Learn basic conversation Thai (re #8)
10. Global Discipleship Conference in Manila 
11. Law Camp 2013 / other orientation stuff 
12. Work 
13. Staycation with the SC girls 
14. Tick some places off my Food Bucket List
15. Go pet shop hopping/ visit pet farms 
16. Try out heaps of funky nail art designs
17. Shop for new clothes for the new academic year hahahah this is so frivolous.
18. Wakeboarding, please! 
19. Volunteer at HRSS or some where
20. Bake and cook!

20 things on my to-do list for this summer because I turn the big two zero this year. Can’t believe I am turning 20, it feels so surreal. 

I know my list seems so frivolous. Some people are looking for internships and I’m here planning to do my nails and all that but I really just want to chill, have fun this summer and recharge for Year 2. 


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