Ladureé x Ambush x Great Company

Started off this week with a girls night out 🙂 Girls Night Outs are always welcomed!

Went to queue for Ladureé with Shannon before meeting Nat and MH for dinner. Going to queue for macarons was so exciting. We brisk walked from Ion to Taka for fear that the macaron would sell – in typical Aunty fashion. Ladureé opened in Singapore on 15th April this year but it was the day I went to Tim Ho Wan with my TG and after stuffing ourselves with more than $500 worth of dim sum, we were too stuffed to go queue for macarons. So I have been very envious of people who would flood my instagram feed with Ladureé macarons 😦 But I am envious no more because I have FINALLY tried the Ladureé macaroons!!!

I only went to the Ladureé counter on the first floor but I will definitely be going back to check out the boutique and get a seat inside for tea soon! In fact, I have a Macaron Day planned out with my girls so I’m pretty psyched for it! I just hope that it will materialise before I fly off next week!



The Ladureé boxes that cost at least $10.


Other non-macarons sweet treats.

I was actually very tempted to try the nougats but since we were spending more than $30 dollars on macarons, I decided to exercise some self control. We didn’t pay for the box so we bought a bag of 8 macarons ($3.80 each) – Rose Petal, Strawberry Candy Marshmallow, Red Fruit, Salted Caramel x 2, Chocolate and a Dark Chocolate.I was very bummed that Marie-Antoinette was sold out because everyone was telling me that it is really good. But at least this warrants another trip down to Ladureé real soon!

My friends enjoyed the two Chocolate flavours a lot but I LOVED the salted caramel. I’m not sure if it was because I was just very hungry and it was the first thing I had the entire day that’s why it tasted super good, or maybe it was my sweet spot for salted caramel acting up but it is a must try!!


Salted Caramel macaron from Ladureé :’)


I am a happy camper with the Rose macaron 😀

Initially we wanted to go to Kith Cafe for dinner but when we got there we realised that they stop serving brunch at 3pm so we decided to find somewhere else to have dinner at. We ended up at Ambush, at the extension to Plaza Singapura.


Escargots OMNOMNOM


Poulet Roti



The food did not excite me much but the desserts certainly did. I think I will be more than satisfied if I had dessert for all three meals!

People always quip about how lawyers can’t do math and the four of us are perfect examples of that – four law school students who legit took about half an hour just to split the bill. Ms. Beh, my secondary school A Math teacher who stayed back with me for a lot of extra lessons, would be ashamed of me 😦 At first we were $10 short then we were 15 cents short… but we managed to settle it in the end!

At first we deliberated going to Swee Choon for liu sha bao, just because. In the end, my wonderful friends indulged my newfound animal obsession and went to the pet shop with me. At the end of the night, I made converts of them all :’) We saw two chinchillas and they were SO cute! One was really fat and it just slept for most of the time that we were at the pet shop and the other was sleeping too but woke up and was so active! I really hope that I can get a pet soon!! Or at least one of them gets a pet then I will invite myself over to play with their pet chinchilla/ guinea pig/ rabbit! 🙂

Girls being girls, a night out is never complete without pictures. I downloaded a timer on my iPhone so I can take selfies now! LOLJK. The timer was really useful cause all 4 of us are camwhore noobs (i.e. someone always gets cut out of the frame) so with the timer, we managed to take a few decent pictures with all 4 of us inside! YAY. (Disclaimer: the photos are pretty much repeated just that I edited the same photo differently and I can’t decide which one I like best so I am uploading all!)

IMG_2922 IMG_2923

Before we discovered that magic that is the timer app on the iPhone, we had to deal by taking turns to take photos.


Or stop a poor unsuspecting passerby to help us take a photo.

But look at the wonders that a timer app can do!






My favourite photo from the night 🙂

I had a really great night and I can’t wait till Pet Farm Adventures with these girls!

I am really loving the way the holidays have been playing out right now. I have been so busy just going out and meeting all the people I love (that is one thing off the Summer to do list!). It is nice (for the lack of a better word) to be able to spend time with my friends, without having to worry about looming deadlines for assignments and without having to think about what to study when I get back.




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