Bohemian Rhapsody

I have been wearing maxi dresses and maxi skirts a lot lately. Initially it was because my eczema acted up and I wanted to hide the horrors of it but now that it has healed, I am still sticking to my maxis. I like maxi dresses/ skirts because of the comfort. And of course, I’m going for the classy look now ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

This was taken two days ago… And any resemblance to any one is purely coincidental.ย 





I was having a Sisters’ Day Out with my sis and after watching Iron Man 3, I happened to walk past a shop with a reflective surface and I was wondering why my dressing looked so familiar. Then it struck me… there was a picture on Tumblr that I reblogged a few days back!

I swear everything was coincidental though. I was just wearing a dress (with the floral pattern that you see) and my Valleygirl sweater because it was cold in the theatre, plus that pair of sandals. I was really amused though by how similar the dressing was so when I got home, I ran up to get the ukulele and dragged my sister down to get the shot taken. It was taken in 5 minutes, so it’s not exactly photoshoot/ Next Top Model quality. And a disclaimer, I’m pretty sure that isn’t a tummy hahaha I hadn’t had dinner yet, the sweater is just like that!ย 

It is not typical city girl dressing but I really like it and it is really comfortable. And it did get me thinking; that maybe I am starting to belong here, to the city, a little lesser each day.ย 

Maybe, one day, some day, I will live in a tent like in the photo below :>ย 



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