Leaving on a jet plane



My bags are (almost) packed and in less than 12 hours time, I will be on board a plane to Manila and I am really excited for it. I’m excited to hear Ravi Zacharias live again and I don’t know what to expect really but I just know that something amazing will come out of the Global Discipleship Conference. 

Thailand MT next month. And plans for a beach trip with the girls are in the pipelines. I am excited!  Getaways are always welcomed and I cannot wait. It’s ironic how for someone that has a fear of death by airplanes, I love traveling. 

Everyone is jet setting off to Europe and exciting places. The OG boys are in Europe and I would wake up to whatsapp of food and pretty scenery from them, vicarious living at its best. I would love to head to somewhere exciting this summer too 😦 BUT last year I went on so many trips, Australia, Bintan x2, JKT and the States plus there are plans for New York next summer (please please please materialise). So I’m gonna stay in Singapore/ Asia this time and just save $$ for next year and hopefully a good trip with the fam at the end of the year. 

Just slightly less than three months of summer break left. The holidays are disappearing but summer 2013 can must will be amazing. 



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