I wanna walk the line/ till the end of time

I am back in the +65 now and I have heaps to say about the GDC and Manila but I will save that for another day when I have processed all my thoughts and when my photos are ready to be posted. For now, here’s something that has been sitting in my drafts for awhile. I decided to post this simply because recently, I have been so confused/annoyed by how people all seem to play games in relationships and I simply don’t get it. I don’t understand why there are so many rules for talking to someone (before you get into a relationship) and I don’t understand why there is this need to pretend to care less just simply because. There’s this trend when I ask my girlfriends or guy friends for boy advice and there always seem to be this requirement of holding back like a “you cannot show that you care more” etc. I guess there is some truth to “the person that cares less in the relationship is in control” but I don’t understand the need for control or the need to win in a relationship. I always thought that being in a relationship should be a win-win thing where both parties learn to give and take and in doing so grow as individuals and together? Okay, rant over. Hahah I realised I ranted about this too in this post. No wonder I thought I’d typed the same thing before.

As much a pain as relationships might be, I still am a sucker for romance 😦 I was reading up on a few of my favourite celebrity couples last time and here are my favourite pictures/ quotes about Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, Johnny Cash and June Carter and the recent Mr. and Mrs Tom Fletcher :’)

They don’t make love like that anymore/ Is that too much to be asking for



A couple that I have mixed feelings about: Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Johnny Cash and June Carter are probably one of the most famous and celebrated celebrity couple and rightly so. I really love Heidi Newfield’s song which is a tribute to Johnny and June’s sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of romance. Tumblr celebrates their love a lot too #JohnnyandJune hashtags have the sweetest posts. In fact, I found out about t love story through Tumblr. But I think many people do not see what was broken as a result of their romance, which is why I have mixed feelings about this couple. Vivian Cash’s book “I Walked The Line: My Life With Johnny” tells of the heartbreak that Vivian Cash suffered as a result of June Carter’s intrusion in their life. I only read Ventura Country Star’s article on Vivian Cash’s book and my heart really went out to her. I can identify with her need for closure; with the way he never said goodbye to her and how all the loose ends are really what kills you. And I think we all can identify with the feeling of losing the person you love – be it to someone else or simply because life happened.

But having said all that, it does not negate the magic of Johnny and June’s relationship.

This letter was written by Johnny Cash to June Carter on her 65th birthday :’)


This letter was written after June Carter passed away 😥 It’s so heartbreakingly sad.


“I have always enjoyed being a part of his life. I’ve always loved him, and he’s always loved me.” – June Carter, on Johnny Cash in 2002

*Photo credit for all these images: Tumblr

While I am blogging about celebrity couples, McFly’s Tom Fletcher’s Wedding Speech has set the bars high. :’) This video went viral a few months back and I remember tweets and Facebook posts about how Tom Fletcher is the perfect man and how every girl wants a man like him. So if you missed it, here goes! I really hope this couple works out :>



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