I know I seem like a horrible driver in the making because of my tweets about my driving instructor asking me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”multiple times in a lesson. Or about how I almost fell asleep yesterday because I was food coma-ing. But I swear, I am not as terrible as my tweets make me sound. The only issue I have is estimating when making a turn but I think I have finally learnt how to do so properly yesterday.

Life lesson from driving lessons: Eyes on the prize; you can’t go to where you have not set your eyes on.

Today at work, the chef told me, “you look like you are in love.” To which I just laughed because I didn’t know what to say.

Songs mark significant/ memorable occasions for me and this song was playing on the radio during the car ride home that night and has thus become the song I associate with you.

ย  Breathing you in when I want you out
Finding our truth in a hope of doubt
Lying inside our quiet drama

I don’t know where or what to set my eyes on because I don’t know where I want this to go. This is drama indeed. I seem to get caught up in strange drama every summer. They always say that you end up being the person you said you’d never be. I just hope that it doesn’t happen to me, especially not in this situation.



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