Domesticated Disney Goddess

I’ve been so lazy + I haven’t had time to blog properly. Last week I spent less than 12 hours at home the whole week and this week has been an improvement but I spend most of the time I’m home sleeping/ repaying my sleep debt. 

The things that I have been doing: 
Disney Day with Faith and Daniel today 


I’m so glad that it materialised despite some obstacles along the way but we managed to make it happen. Also, I was supposed to meet Faith at 4.30 so I decided to nap for half an hour and set my alarm at 4.15 but when I woke up it was 5.10. I don’t know what happened. We watched Happily Never After (which isn’t exactly Disney but it counts!) and Hercules. Hercules is the most underrated Disney show IMO. I LUVIT. We didn’t have time for more, but there will be more Disney Days to come and hopefully by then I can open up my house :>

Domestic Goddess-ing it up 

Baked macarons with Faith yesterday and proceeded to come home and bake macarons on my own after I (ok, actually it was my dad) found the electric mixer. I wore a cupcake hairband that my friend bought me yesterday while baking and I think that is my good luck charm for successful baking! I shall wear it every time I bake something :> 



The macarons are quite the looker, aren’t they ^^ 

I confess though, when I tried making them at home using a different recipe, my macarons did not turn out as pretty because my macarons didn’t develop feet 😦 BUT I am getting ambitious! I hope to make a macaron tower soon! Ideally, I’d throw a garden tea party complete with tea and scones and a macaron tower to boot. 



I have also leveled up and made my own caramel tonight. It was for my macaron filling but I’m considering making my own caramel candy or a caramel something because it was YUMMY. I have plans to make ice cream (soon enough!) and I have cupcake recipes waiting to be tried out. An exciting and fattening summer lies ahead ~~ 


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