To: Mr. Driving Instructor

Today I had a very interesting conversation with my driving instructor. He found out that I was a Christian and he asked me “so is it ok for your religion to party?” Honestly I was shocked because this was after 3 rounds around the circuit and after about approximately 5 minutes of meeting him for the first time in my life.
Before I could answer, he shared with me how as a Muslim, he used to party but has now stopped. He was very open and I opened up too and told him honestly how I haven’t come to a decision myself about my own stand on partying because I enjoy it too but I recognize the dangers of drinking and how partying in itself isn’t wrong but can lead up to so many things that are wrong.
Then he “taught” me how to improve my tolerance hahahah. And we talked about our trips to the US, philippines and favourite travel destinations + the difference between marriage and dating. It was a good 110 minutes. The conversation made me think a lot- about clubbing, clubbing and being a Christian ie What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) and my personal conviction about things.
I like unexpected meaningful conversations like this :> it really turned my pretty crappy morning around!
Plus today I learnt that I can carry a proper intense conversation (and not the small talk kind) while driving, which made me feel validated as a driver haha.

Even though I don’t know your name, thank you, Mr. Driving Instructor.


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