Why You Stick With Someone Not Good Enough

Thought Catalog

Why do you still stick around when you know that he is abusive, manipulative, lying, boring, insensitive and selfish? Why do you still choose him when you don’t even love him anymore? You don’t even love him.

You still choose him because he chose you. That makes you feel better about yourself already.

But if he’s not good enough, he’s not the best that you can get, then why still stay? Why don’t you break away from him and this relationship already?

Because you think that there’s a binary relationship between him and loneliness – it’s either him OR loneliness. And you think you can’t deal with loneliness. You DON’T WANT to deal with loneliness. You don’t want to be alone because you don’t know what to expect from it. You have been in a relationship for such a long time it feels unusual to not have someone to call…

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