We Can’t Do It On Our Own

Earlier this year, I was studying for contract/ crim paper in the living room while Narnia was showing on the TV and I remember hearing this quote that just made me go… WOW. I immediately shared it with my Momentum CG girls because it was relevant to what we discussed the day before and I’d been meaning to post about it but I forgot until today.

The scene in Narnia (Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader) that struck me the most was after Aslan transforms Eustace back into a boy. Backstory: Eustace was an antagonistic character and he had been transformed into a dragon because of his evil desires. So after Eustace was transformed back to a boy, he has this conversation with Edmund (his cousin).

Edmund:So what was it like when Aslan changed you back?

Eustace:No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do it myself. Then he came towards me. It sort of hurt – but it was a good pain, like when you pull a thorn from your foot.”

Love is Passing By Aslan and Eustace

Photo credits here!

I still remember sending my girls this quote in relation to being a follower of Jesus and how it is so easy to follow Jesus in our heads but we need to live it out. And that is the difficult part. But it is difficult simply because we just cannot do it by our own strength and that’s where Jesus comes through for us.

In the movie, the only way that Eustace could change back into a boy (and to be a better boy at that) was through Aslan. Eustace had tried to peel off his dragon scales on his own but it just kept growing back. Aslan is an allegory for Jesus and I think the same principle applies: that we can’t just change but we have to be transformed; and that can only happen through Jesus. We are but human and although we may try to change on our own, like Eustace, we may peel off one layer of scales and another layer would grow back again.

Of course the process of transformation will be painful. Moulding is always painful. But it is a “good kind of pain” because it removes what was actually hurting us and it makes us better. It is only with pain that true transformation occurs.

Someone once told me “the pain of today is the strength of tomorrow“.


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