Hello from Thailand!! The past few days have flown by so quickly and I can’t believe that the mission trip is coming to an end.
This is just a HOLLA to say that I am still alive and well; very well fed (fat) in fact! I have been so incredibly blessed and my heart is really so happy and full. I’ll do a proper post on the mission trip when I get back! But for now, here’s a draft that I did while procrastinating and refusing to pack the night before I was to leave for the mission trip! In the end I ended up watching Running Man and not completing this post or packing. My priorities are evidently in the right place!

From last Sunday (16/06/13), here goes (p.s. It is totally irrelevant to the mission trip. I’m only posting this saved draft mainly cos I didn’t wanna waste my photos of Henry Dreamy Cavill!) :

Today I finally decided to just grit my teeth and check my results. Results came out on the 4th, mid way through law camp, and I was afraid to check my results lest I end up being sad for the remaining days of camp. But God has been faithful :’) My results aren’t brilliant but I thank God for it! And I hope that Year 2 will be much better!! Can’t wait for Year 2 to begin to start to pull up my grades #nerd #geek #lolwhoamikidding hahah

Also, yesterday, Pris commented that I am very “mermaidy” and that made me very pleased :’)

Managed to catch Man of Steel and Now You See Me over the weekend. This weekend has been pretty dope :> Oh, and Henry Cavill is so D R E A M Y :’)


I hope everyone back in Singapore is hiding indoors and staying safe!! I know the masks have ran out and the haze be cray but we have been praying for you all here in Thailand. And maybe I’ll try to get some N95 from here! Sending all my love from Thailand back to Singapore! xxx


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