giving up vs giving in


Christianity is all about dying to ourselves. Some see this as hideous, onerous, and weak. “Why give up your desires, wants, and longings for something someone else mandates?” they wonder. “That sounds like slavery!” they charge. However, they fail to realize that surrendering our wills to Christ is like a bird surrendering to air currents or a fish to the water. When we surrender to the Lord, he gives us the power to be what we were made to be — enabled to be useful in ways that are eternal, empowered to have life not limited by mortal boundaries, and blessed by communion with the Creator as our Father. What is lost in this surrender to Christ living in us? Only our selfishness and our self-damage caused by rebellion.


People always think of surrender as having to give up what is precious to them. I’m guilty of that too. I have issues with surrendering, especially when it comes to the people I love. But in church they always say that surrender is not about giving up as much as it is about giving in. And I realised that truth of that statement. Many times we hold on to all these things because we think that they are what will make us happy or that they are what we need. But we have to surrender these things because the act of surrender is giving in to God’s will for us, saying “not my will but Yours be done.”

Jesus, take the wheel


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