I just got home from POPTART and I’m lying in bed writing this lest I forget tomorrow morning when I wake up. So here goes.
Tonight has been a good night. Was back at POPTART again after quite awhile and the music was pretty dope. Weelikeme always comes up with amazing music, kudos to him really.
It really brought me back to last year this time: zouk every week, POPTART every month and it was bittersweet running into the people from last year just before leaving zouk.
It was nice seeing them, knowing that they are good and that they are all back in Singapore. But it was also a bit strange because things are different now.
But tonight I hung with a new crowd. Ran into heaps of people and it was great even if it was just hi and bye. Hung with my SC girls. Despite all the getting in drama, things worked out and we all had fun. Made new friends tonight. Saw a cute guy (guy who said pick up line 2 below) that I regret brushing off HAHAHAH hashtag life, LOL.

2 worst pick up lines of the night:
1) it’s my friends birthday, can you dance with him?
2) hi what’s your name?/ my friend thinks you’re cute. (The guy who said this was cute tho. Moral of the story: don’t get a cute friend to do the dirty work for you.)
Okay can. Haha.

And I’m super duper thankful for the AC peeps who hung w us girls and took care of us, pushing guys who tried to get near us away. Thank you for taking care of us, you know who you are!

Photos won’t be up today. But soon enough ^^


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