soon they’re gonna know


Meet my (not so) new kicks!

I bought this pair of Skechers when I was in the States and it was a real steal. It was supposed to motivate me to run and exercise more. It didn’t really work the past 6 months but I hope it works and lasts now! 🙂

I actually hate running long distances i.e. anything more than 200m HAHAH but I have recently rediscovered the magic that is late night runs. I like late night runs because the weather is so much cooler as compared to running under the unforgiving midday Singapore sun. But there is also something beautiful about runs in the middle of the night-  getting to see people getting off buses, on their way back home to their families, running past the girl doing the closing shift at Starbucks and stacking up chairs, running past couples who walk home together, hand in hand; there is a certain beauty about being able to bear witness to the end of someone’s day. (Or am I being creepy here??)

I didn’t define long distance as 200m because I am a lazy bum (although that might be partly true) but mainly because 200m is my optimum distance because 100/200m runs were my pet events during my track and field days. I’m okay with sprints but endurance runs are a killer cause my stamina stinks. And the weather makes it difficult to run for too long. I remember going for a run in Melbourne last winter and it was one of the best runs I have had. I was running in tights and a sweater. I think that speaks for itself because I would definitely not be able to wear that and run in Singapore without passing out from a heatstroke or something. And the view that I had during my run was amazing. I stopped to take photos along the way. All these were pre-Instagram so #nofilter lol




If the weather in Singapore was like that of Melbourne’s or if the scenery was as amazing, I would run everyday, I promise! BUT I have decided to start running more than 200m mainly out of necessity. I signed up for Race the Dead (the zombie run) and my friends keep telling me that I will be the first one out of the race. So I gotta make it till the end, get the “Survivor” shirt (fingers crossed!) and then they’ll eat their words :> AND I signed up for the Colour Run too. I keep wondering why do I torture my unfit body like that but it’s pretty exciting I guess because I would have completed two 5km races before I turn 20 and maybe, hopefully, before I turn 21 next year I would have done my first 10km run 🙂

It’s crazy though, spending so much money on all these runs (which I havent paid for yet…) My wallet and bank account are empty, very pathetically empty.

People I need to pay $ to:

– Navin: 65bux for Race the Dead
– Carissa: 50bux for Colour Run
– Liting: 100+ for The xx (!!!)
– Eunice: 47bux for dress + dinner
– AND I THINK THE LIST GOES ON. If I owe you money, please dont tell me, pretty please do not come and collect your debt. BUT IF YOU OWE ME MONEY PLZ PAY UP HAHAHA.

And there is possibly Anberlin (!) but I am still undecided. Sigh pie. I keep justifying my spending on races and concerts (Oh I spent another 100 odd bux on Stars earlier this year too, good job me) by equating it to x number of dinners with my friends. Like oh, if I just don’t go out for dinner with 2 friends or eat on a budget then I can pay for one of the races. BUT IT IS SO TOUGH. Dear friends who read this, let’s stop going out. I would invite yall over but my mum still isn’t too keen on having guests over yet. But you can invite me over to your house and we can whip up a feast and have nice bonding time in the kitchen 🙂 Or alternatively, we could just go for runs and be fit and fab together :>

What’s a run without a song to jam to? And what’s a blog post without a song right?

This was the song that I started my run tonight to. And it is a very apt song for runs indeed ^^


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