1 July 2013


I can’t believe it is the second half of 2013 already. The first half of the year had its ups and downs but it definitely has been waaaaay better than the rough 2012 and I thank God for that. I really believe that the latter will be greater and the next half of 2013 has better things in store.

Started off the first day of July with my favourite people and that makes me happy. Also, I was on the receiving act of two acts of kindness which made me even more thankful. Act #1 occurred on the bus to town when I started having a nosebleed on the bus. And I didn’t have tissues on me. So I had to ask around and the man behind me didn’t even hesitate and just gave me his whole pack of tissues although I had only asked for one piece :’) Act #2 involves a kind, big hearted man that I met and I won’t say much here  you can ask me in person if you are curious :> He is the best, seriously. He deserves an award for the best customer service. I was really very touched by his act :’)




And if you follow me on instagram, you would realise that this year I get to turn 20 twice! Once, today and one more time in a few months. And for that, I am truly blessed :’) Thank you, Uncle Williem! You truly have a really big heart and you really give me hope 🙂


Happy birthday to me! haha Image

 I am thankful for the birthday today in some sense cause it’s a new month so this is a new and hopefully better me 🙂

We all get at least one good wish a year. Over the candles on our birthday. Some of us throw in more. On eyelashes, fountains, lucky stars, and every now and then, one of those wishes come true.

Here’s to a good second half of 2013 ahead. To a new academic year, to new months, to new loves, to new memories, new friends and new opportunities. Have a happy July everyone, xoxo.


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