nailed it


Because I didn’t go to Gold Coast and my life is not happz to have a lot of blog about… I am going to blog about my nails. HAHAH. (Hi Ding Xue Er! I read your blog and here is my update! And I will whatsapp you when I am done with this post)

“You can tell a lot from a person’s nails. When a life starts to unravel, they’re among the first to go.” – Ian McEwan, Saturday

I’ve been having so much time on my hands this summer that I decided to spend a lot of time on my hands too ^^ I decided to do paisley nails the other day and I was very pleased with the result! Save for the fact that I couldn’t paint designs on my right fingers because I can only wish that I am ambidextrous. So a BIG KUDOS to Faith Wang who helped me to do nail art on my right hand :> 

I think I am pleased because of how my nail art has progressed. 

These were one of my first forays into the magical realm of nail art! 

2012: China Glaze Aquadelic x OPI Funny Bunny 


2012: OPI Funny Bunny x Black ShatterImage


2012 Christmas nails: Revlon Serenity (base coat) + I cant remember what other polishes I used for the snowmanImage

2013: Revlon Red Hot Tamala (base coat) Image

And at the beginning of summer 2013: GALAXY NAILS, which I am very proud of :’) 

2013: ORLY Lunar Eclipse (base coat) + HEAPS of different hues of blue and white layered over + starry shimmers ^^ ImageMy most recent accomplishment: PAISLEY NAILS 

I decided to do a white base (OPI Funny Bunny) with paisley designs in black (cheap $2 Nail Art Polish from Daiso) on my left hand and the reverse black base with white paisley prints on my right hand :> 





There are a few other nail art designs that I hope to try out before summer is over because I think once school starts, I will not have a lot of time to spend doing my nails. NAIL ART IS SERIOUS BUSINESS OK.

I know it seems v frivolous to spend so much time fussing over nails but it makes me happy to have pretty nails ^^ DAZ ALL. 


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