no i’m never gonna go regardless/ everything inside of me is living inside of your heartbeat

Good things must be shared, so I’m sharing good music. Rocket to The Moon has pretty amazing songs and music videos.

I really really love the official music video of Ever Enough. The whole video looks like it was shot through Instagram filters and I am a sucker for that.  The couple in the video would be the most hipster couple ever and they’re so cute it really made me smile even though the video has such sad undertones :’) I also want a hipstr boy of my own kthxbai.

I would write you this song to get back what’s ours/ would that be enough? 

I was only gonna post one A Rocket to The Moon video but I couldn’t decide between these two songs so I decided to post both ^^ I like the music video of Ever Enough more than I do the song but for Like We Used To, I like the song more than I do the music video simply by virtue of the fact that I like sad songs 😥 And one day…

Can you promise me if this was right/ Don’t throw it all away?


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