CYAN Breakthrough Weekend 2013, Port Dickson

It’s been an insane past two weeks: CYAN BTW over the long holidays and starting school the very next day. So on Friday, my body finally decided it needed to rest. And I can’t be any more thankful for the current 4 day week.

CYAN BTW was great. I’m very thankful for the group of girls that I was put together with. It was truly divine. The way we all had similar experiences and because we were put in the same group, we could all share openly and we could encourage each other in our different journeys.

God is good. God surfaced things that I never thought to be an issue. And truly, God surpassed my expectations in terms of the work that He did. I went for breakthrough weekend wanting a breakthrough in the area of T, like I wanted to truly be able to let go. I remember this from one Grey’s episode: “That’s what I keep telling myself, that I’m fine with things the way they are, but… I probably won’t be really fine until I don’t care if he’s fine anymore.” And I wanted to be truly fine, whether or not he is and without him on my radar anymore. But more than just a breakthrough re T, I think God did so much more and for that I am very thankful! To all my friends, you can ask me more in person and I will be more than willing to tell you about everything that happened during the camp! 🙂

Also, Port Dickson was amazing. The scenery was beautiful. I think without morning QT at 6am, I probably would not have had the opportunity to witness the sun rising and to see how as the sun rises, its light just shines through the darkness and it makes the pitch black sky so beautiful with hues of blue and pink; parallel to what happens when there is less of us and more of God in our lives :> The sunset every evening was breathtaking. I remember running out of the cafe mid dinner every evening just to take photos of the scenery. And it is amusing because every shot looks similar now, as I scroll through my phone haha. But it was a really beautiful place, I love it. I love being able to climb up on the ledge and to just sit there, looking out to the sea and all the yachts. It’s a really, really, really beautiful and peaceful place and I miss it already:’)

Thankful for Group 11 :’) It was an amazing four days of discovering God, of sharing and being open with each other and of just being able to share in this journey together!


OHAIDERE. This was me noobing out on the ledge. I was trying to climb onto it to sit on it but I ended up in this position instead and I didn’t know how to flip myself over without falling into the water.


The beautiful scenery :’)
(Sorry for the big space, I used Whitagram to make it fit in Instagram. But this shot accurately reflects the beauty of the place because no filter was used, at all.)


This was one of the songs that we kept singing during the breakthrough weekend and I know that I am not there yet, but I want to be able to come to that place where Christ is sufficient for me :’)


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