The Color Run Singapore, 2013

Last Sunday was, in all honesty, the best Sunday I have had in awhile.

Last week was the first week of Year 2 and it was an exciting but extremely tiring first week that was full of many firsts.
1) First prayer meeting in school (yes, despite my hesitations about wanting to make sure I can live out what I profess first, I have finally decided to join VCF!) 
2) First soccer training ( + first time my nose bled from a sports injury) 
3) First canoe polo training of the year, as a captain (which is a big joke haha BUT INTENSE RESPONSIBILITY) 
4) First Innocence Project meeting 

In this new academic year, I wanted to start the year with a clean slate and to make the most out of AY 2013/2014 by participating in school activities, making it count and getting involved in the things I am interested in which would explain all my sudden new activities. So Week 1 was really busy. I spent most of my time in school/ at training/ at meetings and if I wasn’t in school then it was in church for worship rehearsal or CG so I barely had time to spend with the family. So I had mixed feelings about the Color Run. I was really looking forward to Sunday, for the run, but at the same time I was so tired that I just wanted the week to be over.

BUT SUNDAY FINALLY ARRIVED. I signed up for the Color Run with my law school babies and I am so very thankful that I did. I’m thankful that we went for the run on Sunday because we could get tips from all our friends who ran on Saturday – so we knew not to get too dirty at the last station because red stains and overpowers the other colours and to wear old shoes because the stains on the shoes wouldn’t go off and things like that.

These pre-run photos show us looking superbly clean, with amazingly white shirts.







And then the madness begins



Somehow, we managed to get dirty even before reaching the different color zones!








At the blue zone 🙂 I was so happy because blue, in all its various shades, is my favourite color.


vsco_3-3 vsco_2-3 vsco_0-10

At the yellow zone!


Us on our way to the final color zone:

I love this photo of us because it clearly shows how the whole 5km was like – FUN FUN FUN, with us raising the roof and painting the town red~




My Babies ❤


FINALLY got to lie in a hammock for the first time in my life and in my favourite color too! SCORE!









HAHAH we weren’t even that dirty during the run! It was post run (or walk/skip, rather) when we bumped into familiar faces and started the powder throwing war and I became public enemy number 1 for some strange reason.


We went for dinner at Vivo just as we were as per the photo above. In the end, we had to take public transport all dirty and because I lived in the opposite direction from my friends, I had to take the bus home alone 😦 I didn’t realise how dirty I was until I got home. My mum helped me to open the door when I got home and she screamed when she saw me and said “WHY ARE YOU SO UGLY” HAHAHAHA and then she burst out laughing. Then I finally got the chance to look into the mirror properly and I got a shock too.


It was an amazing few hours at Sentosa and I can’t even explain why but I was so happy, I even woke up feeling happy even though I had to drag myself out of bed for a 10 am lecture.

I love love love this photo of us so much.



It was an amazing day and I think I speak for all of us that we had heaps of fun. The Color Run is truly the happiest 5k 🙂 🙂 So so glad we that we singed up for it!

Race the Dead in a few more months. If The Color Run is the happiest 5k, Race the Dead has got to be the scariest 5k. BUT I AM EXCITED! And I hope that it is as good as, if not better than, The Color Run.

If you missed the Color Run, here is some Color Run lovin’ for you :>



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