God is good

I had to make a trip all the way down to BBDC this morning before heading to school just to top up my account so that I can book lessons. BBDC pains, I tell you. Just as I was getting ready to leave the house, I heard the sounds of thunder and the sky looked really ominous (cue all the primary school essay descriptions of the sky and the dark clouds). I started to pray that God would hold the rain until I have left BBDC or something so at least I will not get wet. My journey to BBDC consists of taking a train and a bus and then I have to bus back to the train station and change bus service to get to school. I really did not want to get wet because I’m in formal attire today for the criminal legal clinic that I was helping out at this evening. Plus, fun fact about me: I HATE to travel in the rain. So I usually would rather not go out when it starts raining or wait till the rain has stopped. “Rain check” is one of my favourite words because it is very apt.

When I got on the train, it started pouring outside. And my first thought was “oh damn.” But at the same time, I was quite at peace because I had prayed and I trusted that somehow things will work out. I managed to get from the train station to the bus stop in the rain but I remained completely dry, kudos to the overhead bridge. When I got on the bus, it was still raining. But magically, just when I reached the bus stop opposite BBDC, I realised that the rain had stopped!!! And it can really, only be by God’s grace ๐Ÿ™‚

On the trip back to school, all was good until it started to rain again when I was approaching school. My bus was along the road opposite to King Albert Park and I received a text from Carissa, whom I was going to meet, telling me that it was raining. And I was like oh damn, how are we going to hike through Botanics just to get to school. But once again, God proved Himself to be good and true and real because even before I arrived at my bus stop, the rain had stopped. So I was just very super thankful for God’s providence and the answered prayers, even if it is for something small, like the weather. I am still waiting for God to answer prayers regarding something in my life and I am hoping to get confirmation after a meeting with a leader over this weekend? So… I am excited ๐Ÿ™‚

Highlights/Lowlights (no there is no such word, I made it up) of the day:
– Went back to the Sub Courts for legal clinic today and I realised how much I missed that place and the people I met there ๐Ÿ™‚
– Managed to experience an extreme of emotions in a short span of 10 minutes – from extreme happiness/ elation to being super bummed.
– But it is a lesson learnt. I learnt that people change, people disappoint. And that is a reminder that the world may fail but God still remains. Thank you for being a lesson and a daily reminder not to put my hopes in or to find my esteem/ affirmation from man (‘man’ being ‘mankind’ and not ‘man’ with the extra appendage) but to really look to God.


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