Goodbye, my wallet

Nobody starts off the day thinking that it’s gonna be a crappy day. In fact, yesterday was one of those days that I woke up feeling like it’s gonna be an amazing day because I had plans to meet one of my favourite girls + long time friends for brunch and I had plans with my law school friends to go to The Wine Company for a nice lunch between lectures. And I was going for a trial shift at a certain food place so I was really excited. I really thought that it was gonna be a great day and that the universe was in my favour. I didn’t dress up but I put effort into accessories and even used eyeliner and lipstick today, which I had been lazy to do for awhile, simply because I had good day vibes.

But in 3 hours, my good day turned out differently from what I had envisioned it to be. I met Jess and Val for brunch and it was amazing. The food was good, my brunch craving was satisfied, we laughed heaps and we got to spend time together before both of them are due to fly off to across the globe. It was when we were going to pay for the bill that I discovered that my wallet was gone. So I retraced my steps in my head and I remembered taking 10$ out of my wallet before getting on the train to top up my card. And then I stuffed it in my bag. I remember struggling to make everything fit and I eventually did. And then I don’t really remember whether I used it on the way to the bus stop and on the bus or not because I was too excited about my exciting brunch adventure plans (40 brunch places x 40 brunch buddies) and to text them etc. So I really cannot remember whether I took my wallet out one more time after getting out of the train or whether it was in my bag the whole time, which could only mean that it dropped out without me realising or that I’d been pick pocketed.

It was crazy. We sat at the foot of the overhead bridge near Coro and googled all the different lost-and-found hotlines for SMRT and SBS. SMRT was really good and efficient and I managed to lodge a report really quickly. But we tried calling SBS for about half an hour to no avail because the lost-and-found hotline and customer service hotline had no response. So we finally decided to walk to the police station near Crown Centre to lodge a police report for my IC and everything else inside.

I still can’t believe that I lost my wallet because it seems like such a primary school thing to do. UGH. But right now, I don’t need the wallet back. I just want everything inside back – my polaroids, photos with special people, IC, PDL, ATM card, matric card, etc. So that I can save myself the hassle of having to go and make all these cards over again. I really don’t understand why people would keep all these things and not return them because it’s not like they can use all these cards anyway and unless you are going to make a shrine for me out of my polariods and photos (which would be extremely creepy), you should return them all. Keep the wallet and the money inside if you wish but return me all my things, dammit. I will never understand why people do not return wallets. This goes to show that you have never lost something important to you before because if you have, you would know how much anxiety a missing thing like a wallet with heaps of important stuff inside would cause. (Or maybe you are just a terrible person) I was just very hopeful because I have never kept something that I picked up before and yesterday, my mum just returned a handphone she picked up so I was hoping that good karma would find its way back to me…



Got this image off Google, but this is my wallet! I think I paid around 150-200 bucks for this when I was in the States last year, so it really has sentimental value 😦 So if you see this wallet lying around and you find identification belonging to Yong Joelle inside, PLEASE RETURN ME MY WALLET AT THE ADDRESS FOUND AT THE BACK OF MY IC or you can email me at! It would be much appreciated and spread the word too – if you know people who take the Bukit Panjang LRT line or take 170 frequently or hang out at Coronation area heaps, these are all possible places where my wallet might have disappeared.

Was supposed to meet .17 boys tonight/ go to church but I have been so drained running around trying to replace my cards, making calls to the different lost and found hotlines to see if there is any news and it is so tiring. So here I am at home, on a Friday night, moping the loss of my wallet 😦

I have been trying to see the good in losing my wallet and the thing that I am most thankful for are my family and friends. For Jess and Val who panicked with me but managed to keep me calm and who figured out what to do with me. For Val who stayed on with me to make a trip down to the police station and who kept calling the different hotlines with me even though no one was picking up the phone. For Jess who whatsapped to check up on the situation even though she was rushing for her flight back to US. For my mum who picked me up from the police station and whisked me off to lecture because i’d already missed half of it while I was at the station. For friends who prayed for me, for friends who were still able to make me laugh and for friends who convinced me to still go for lunch even though I only wanted to mope and drink water because I’d lost 60bux and I didn’t want to spend anymore money ha ha ha (typical example of Joelle logic lol). Although one thing I realised is that everyone’s favourite question is “where did you lose it??” HAHAH wellll, if I’d known, I wouldn’t have lost it! HAHA. But thank you everyone, I appreciate all your care and concern very much!

But I hope that whoever picked it up need my 60bux and the x amount of Malaysian Ringgit inside much more than I did.


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