Canoe Polo IFG 2013

I sent a snapchat of my thighs to school friends who know that I have been training for canoe polo to show them my horrible tan line from canoe polo training on Wednesday. The tan line became even worse after the matches today.

It was a good run. Given that we only trained once a week, not everyone was present for all 4 training sessions that we had and when training we mainly focused on how to actually paddle so… I think I should be very happy and proud for the results that both the men and women’s team obtained. Of course, my competitive alter ego (that has been named Hulksmash/ Tom and other variations) was not pleased with the results because it seemed like breaking to semis was possible (here I’m speaking about the girls team). EVEN after a horrible match with a rough and unsportsmanlike faculty that shall not be named, I thought if we snag a win or draw in the last match then MAYBE, just maybe we can break to semis. (I am slowly coming to realise that my hopefulness is always an issue) So I was quite upset when the last match didn’t turn out as planned and although the girls really played very well (kudos to you girls really), I was still very frustrated because there were missed opportunities and moments when the referee should have called foul but let slip, etc. And there were dilemmas to of balancing captaining the team and wanting to win vs. just letting everyone have fun (and obviously my competitive alter ego emerged victorious) So… at the end of the match and actually even while cheering and guiding the boys from the sidelines, I let slip curses and swears because that was my way of releasing my angst (although that did not work because I remained grumpy for the next half an hour or so). I was definitely not the most edifying or the best example, really and for that I should be ashamed. I really should reign in my competitive alter ego whenever it rears its ugly head… I’m still learning and still growing!

But I am thankful to the team – for all the efforts and the ownership of the game and for everything really. The journey from our impromptu and last minute forming of the team, training sessions till match day today has been amazing.  And I am immensely proud of how everyone really gave their all! 🙂

The Law Canoe Polo IFG team ❤ (+ Cheryl Chong our amazing keeper who is not in the photo!) Image

Team Law, Canoe Polo

(Missing Cheryl Chong + our guest members Mark Yeo and Danny Chua who helped sub the boys in the first match when a lot of them were away at handball and frisbee.)


Thank you to My Bebes for coming down to support us!!!


Also managed to support David at his squash match after canoe polo ended. LAW CAME IN FIRST WOOHOO #lawpride hahahah


(in the above photo you can kind of see my very horrible tan line…)

And thank you God. The lead up to today has been crazy. Trying to book pool slots, having to liaise with the IVP side to figure out different things and having liaise with the Law Sports Club in addition to school and deadlines have not been easy. Especially this week because on top of school, there was the Asian Journal of Legal Studies deadline that I had to meet and the AJLS editorial board meeting that I had to prepare for. Plus I just started working at Carpenter & Cook so I had to pull a shift till 11pm Thursday night. I think I might be committing bell curve suicide but I’m still trying to figure out to manage my time and to figure out what’s actually important in life right now. So I really thank God for giving me the strength and sustaining me through this week with 4 days of waking up before 7am…

I am ready to collapse in bed and just hibernate for the next few days… Now, would be the perfect time to have the E-learning week that we did not have while the rest of NUS did not have school!

I saw this on Facebook today and it was an apt reminder of how I am still lacking in so many ways.


You are good, You are good, when there’s nothing good in me


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