I am…

Because Xue made it a point to remind me to do this and to say “Plz do my tag” “I have been going to ur blog” “But disappointment” SO I AM DOING IT RIGHT NOW.
making: a crochet pony, inspired by My Little Pony (but works on it have stopped since school started, SORRY PONY)
cooking: nothing at the moment, but I have cupcakes waiting to be baked. And I have Haagen Daz ice cream mooncakes in the fridge, so I am all set for life. FUYOH.
drinking: coffee – it is my source of sustenance since law school started
reading: Walter Woon’s Company Law, 3rd Edition (which is interestingly not written by WW anymore)
wanting: I just found my dream car and I would really like to have it as a birthday present (SOMEONE PLZ GIVE ME $200,000. PLZ. I WILL LUV U FOR LIFE)
looking: forward to recess week, WHICH HAS ALREADY BEGUN EVERYBODY! Hello 1 week of holidays (which actually means, TIME TO BUCK THE -UCK UP)
playing: The Killers on repeat, because I could be watching them tonight but $$$
wasting: time when I should be studying 😦
sowing: into the lives of M girls (I hope) but I really love my girls and I hope that I can, in some way, help them to grow in their walk
wishing: I could be flying to Paris right now for Paris Fashion Week, because I could be there sitting in the front row among the likes of Karl Lagerfeld. But alas, here I am sitting in front of my laptop/ I can get my dream car
enjoying: being able to sleep in during recess week 🙂 I have been sleeping so early, I think I’m getting old/ weak
waiting: for my parents to leave home so I can study because right now, I am watching them banter because it’s so amusing. Mum: “can you change your pants? If you wear a business shirt, you should wear business pants” Dad: “This is fashion, a fashion statement. This is chic.” Mum: “Yeah it is cheap” Dad: “CHIC. And anyway it is not a business shirt. It is a business casual shirt.” HAHAHA what….
liking: the unexpected “hello, how have you been”s messages with life updates and a promise to meet soon that came in my Facebook inbox yesterday 🙂 and I woke up to a message from a dear friend that I haven’t seen in a while because life, saying that “we need to meet” and that made me happy 🙂
wondering: how my life would have played out had I not stayed in Singapore and left for UK instead. This was brought on because I happened to see a certain friend studying abroad tweeting about getting amazing grades on a test and leading up to it, I know I just saw photos of that friend at parties and going out. So I was just left thinking that here I am, in Singapore, mugging my ass of every time I can and I probably work harder than that friend did but I still cannot do as well on a test, just because. (Also, N.)
loving: life and everyone in it 🙂 As much as I think about how things would be different if I were elsewhere instead of here, I am very grateful that I managed to get into NUS Law and I know that it is really by God’s grace. Just recently, we were looking up the credentials of some of the professors and wow, was I amazed. The professors in NUS are really brilliant minds and they come from the most prestigious universities around the world and I can only say that I am most blessed to be taught by them. Also, I am thankful for the relationships that I have at this point in time. Thank you technology, because I can talk to Xue and friends all over the world! So so so many things to love and be thankful for 🙂
hoping: that life will work itself out and I can be in Melb next year for Xue’s 21st!! / and more money would be appreciated
marveling: at how everything will work out somehow 🙂
needing: a boyfriend that will help me to clean my room like Gid does for Allee. Or actually, scratch that, I just need a maid.
smelling: Like a mixture of the A&F store/ A&F Fierce/ A&F Wood (from testing colognes to find birthday presents for the boys) and my own perfume
wearing: my jammies hahah, how classy.
following: Jesus 🙂
noticing: the little things and beauty in the smallest of things makes me very happy
knowing: that I have everything I need right now 🙂
thinking: about the beauty and truth in this
bookmarking: Tab after tab of cars for my car research ^^ (A GIRL CAN DREAM) 
opening: the fridge is my hobby ha ha ha. (But my fridge is always empty, ugh)
giggling: whenever I think of how a certain professor’s voice broke at the end of “Deng Xiao Ping” so the Ping ended up sounding very unfortunate. I was still laughing minutes after everyone had stopped laughing but it was hilarious. And it still makes me laugh hehe. I love him, he is such a cute professor! (Disclaimer: not in the Tey and Ko way)
feeling: contented 🙂
Miss Sherilynn Ding Xue Er, I have finished this post. You can stop being disappointed in my blog and it’s previous lack of this post now haha ILY x

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