be kind

Yesterday, I was on the way to BBDC for my last few driving lessons (!!!) and as I got off the bus opposite BBDC, I noticed an elderly man that had fallen asleep at the bus stop. He was wearing a blue “Esso” shirt, his hair was silver with age and I guessed that he was probably in his late 50s or even around 60. (He can’t be more than 62 since the retirement age in Singapore is 62, right? HAHA #logic) The bus stop opposite BBDC is one of those newer bus stops that have metal seats that come with a board that is probably used for advertisements behind the seats, but can function as a back rest of sorts. So that elderly man was seated at corner of the seat and he leaned against the back rest and had fallen asleep in his corner. I would use the word “nestled” but “nestled” connotes comfort and I’m not sure how comfortable it was so… no. My bus was driving off when I spotted him and I didn’t know if I should have woke him up to tell him that the bus was leaving because it might have been the bus that he was waiting for. At the same time though, I thought that I shouldn’t disturb his rest. 

In the end I did not wake him up but the sight of him really provoked a lot of thoughts and emotions in me. Next to BBDC was an Esso station so I figured that he’d probably just knocked off work. It pained me a little to see the elderly man so spent from work, so much so that he had fallen asleep at the bus stop. You know how there are just some people you see that you want to give a hug to and tell them that everything will be okay? He is one of those people. 😦 😦 And it made me wish that I would have enough love to love the people that need to be loved and resources to bless the people that need to be blessed and reminders that someone loves them. 

It also reminded me of a Shel Silverstein poem, The Little Boy and The Old Man 




This will always be true “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” 



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