may you return to love one day

HOLA I am still well and alive. I haven’t been posting a lot because I’ve been pretty swamped with school. And my days seem to go by in a blur now. But from what I can remember so far…

Tuesday was a great day. Blessed with free Krispy Kreme at school :’) and Wednesday was relatively good day. Cuddle weather/ sweater weather. I love days like this. Even though all I wanted to do was to just stay in bed and remain nice and warm under the covers but I realised how life is funny. That when you stop looking for something, sometimes it looks for you instead. Such is life. I had driving lesson yesterday and there were numerous times that I almost fell asleep at the wheel. But my instructor kept nodding off too. So at the end of the lesson, he turned to me and said “Goodnight”. LOL. Fell sick yesterday night but slept heaps (and by ‘heaps’ I mean from 7-1130, took a shower, then slept till 7), popped some pills and I’m almost as good as new now. Just can’t wait for tonight’s class to be over because this means that the long weekend is here PLUS there is elearning week next week, which is a bonus, Yay. \o/

Really digging my rainy day/ sick day playlist.

I change my favorite song every day depending on what I listen to (hah) but here is a song I really like today.

And the kids you hold in your arms
With promises to protect them from harm
But they grow, and they go
And you’re all alone
All the kids, all the kids that you hold

This ^ part of the song is so incredibly sad but with the things that I have seen in the recent year at various legal clinics etc. I have come to realise that this is so strikingly true. And I can only hope and remind myself every day not to be someone like that.

Okay, I should be preparing for a cross examination that I’ve to do during lesson later. Laters. x


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