midweek mark


Thank you God for bringing me through the week thus far ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve always loved Wednesdays because they are my mid-week marker and it means that the weekend is near. Also, with my current timetable, Wednesdays mean that I have gotten by the two craziest days of the week (3 back to back lectures on Mondays, night class with WW on Tuesdays) and having completed property tutorial in the morning, it means that the weekend has pretty much arrived early. Only that now there’s a new addition to my Thursdays which include trial advo tutorial in the evenings but I’m enjoying tutorial so I don’t mind it at all ๐Ÿ™‚

This week is e-learning week for law and dentistry but as slack as it might sound, the past few days have been pretty hardcore. We had a company law test today and the past two days were focused solely on company law. Now that the test is over, I can breathe a little and spend more attention on my other modules.

Usually by Wednesdays, I feel liberated and free. But the liberation was pretty short lived because I realised that by virtue of the fact that I have spent 3/7 days of my e-learning week on company law, the next 4 days will be pretty hectic trying to catch up.

Right now these are the things that I have waiting to be done by the end of e-learning week:

Read up on the case that I’m helping to conduct a prison interview for tomorrow morning
– Comparative legal traditions write up for e-learning week readings (aka ‘pretend you are sick week’ as my prof calls it) due tomorrow
– Prepare for trial advo tutorial tomorrow
– Watch property law lectures x 2
– Watch company law lectures x 2
– Prepare for CG with my M girls for Saturday

So… basically most of the things that I have to do are due by tomorrow, alas, here I am… But my brain feels like a mush after the 3 hours of company test today. I’ve trudged through some of my Indian Law readings for CLT. I’ve completed 1 reading, 5/19 pages of another reading and I still have 2 more readings waiting for me (apparently there’s a 40 page reading….) Which means that I shall stop procrastinating now and head back to reading number two.

Oh, but a short interesting anecdote from today before I immerse myself in the study of the Indian legal system: ย In celebration of e-learning week, our tutorials are pretty much like a x number of students + 1 professor + 1 tech crew way skype. This did not happen during my tutorial this morning, unfortunately. But as my friend was having her tutorial, I was sitting next to her and she suddenly burst out laughing because her tutor went through the list of students (it is in alphabetical order) calling them to answer questions. And when he got to a certain name on the list in the chat the person responded and said “Sir, I’m not your student”… and it turned out to be the technician LOLOL. Okay, it doesnt seem funny now that I tell it but it was really pretty epic.


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