Praise the Lord, no more provisional driving license.



Today is a good day. I felt so happy after passing my driving test – not ordinarily happy but really, really, really, really exceptionally happy. The world seemed more beautiful than before and it was really such a glorious day. I couldn’t stop singing happy songs and I was really just in an amazing mood.

My dad allowed me to drive home (half way) and I got horned at by an impatient driver behind me but IT’S OK. Im v v grateful to all the acts of kindness by the two drivers that graciously slowed down and allowed me to change lane :’) I MIGHT NOT HAVE PASSED WITHOUT THEIR KINDNESS. THANK YOU V MUCH :>

Although now at 11pm (8 hours or so later), I am so drained from being so happy and I just really want to sleep now that all the euphoria has worn off… Hahah.

But thank You, God. I know that it was really by God’s grace that I passed (by 16 points!!!) Just managed to scrape a pass, but hey, I’ll take it!

I wanted to do my make up tutorial for Comparative Legal Theory tomorrow but that would mean having to trudge through readings tonight and to submit my thought piece in an hour…  I think I shall pass this week. For now, I’m still in my happy-life-is-fabulous bubble 🙂

Thank God. Really, really, really. Thank you Jesus :’)



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