I always find myself blogging whenever I have trial advo to prepare for. I love trial advo but I guess the fun lies in not preparing so much and reacting to whatever the witness throws to you on the spot, or so my tutors say! So we’ll see how that goes tomorrow. To be honest, I have been so swamped with school and busy being sick that I can’t even remember what it is that I have been busy with. I have fallen sick this semester more than I have probably the whole of my two years in IB. It is not even funny. But okay, I’m not going to rant about my weak immune system right now. Right now I am feeling very thankful and blessed.

Today has been an exceptionally good day ^^ (My friends can bear testament to that because I couldn’t stop smiling in school hehehe)

Today is also my father’s birthday. And I am very thankful and blessed to have him in my life. I can get bratty and demanding but my dad always tries to give me all that I need and what I want and I cannot be more thankful. He is really someone that I can count on when I need to make important life decisions – where to study, what to study, etc. And he always gives me space to make mistakes, to learn from them and to pick me up whenever I fall ๐Ÿ™‚

Outside our new home in Disneyland, California, 2012.


In my drafts, I have a post of all the birthdays that I have celebrated from August to September but I was and still am too lazy to add photos.

But this one photo I have to add ๐Ÿ™‚ It was Janelle’s birthday about a month back ๐Ÿ™‚

ImageYou know how there are just some people that you can love and love and love, no matter what? (As per a John Green quote that is always floating around on Tumblr) That is the way I feel about my baby sister. Like I mentioned in my previous post, that sometimes I just wish I could fight all the battles for some people, I really really feel that way about my sister. I guess this is what maternal instincts feel like – wanting to protect someone from any possible harm and only wanting them to see the good but not expose them to the ugly in the world.

So yes, a lot of love for these two people โค

My life as of now really hasn’t been very exciting – with all the falling sick and now that it is week 9/10? I am losing count but I know exams are near. I will probably do up a post (soon enough) of all that has been happening by just posting all my favourite/ recent Instagram photos (@yongjoelle). Also, earlier this evening, I spent quite some time deliberating whether I should upload a photo of me and my daddy or just of my daddy on Instagram and caption what I wanted to say to him. To be very honest, I really spent quite a long time deliberating. I didn’t know whether doing so would make it lose meaning and whether it would make what I wanted to say to him mean any less. I didn’t want it to be something I am putting on display for the public just because I want people to ‘like’ my photo or anything… In the end I didn’t do it and I ended up posting the photo on his Facebook wall. (Yes, my dad is a KOOL N HIP DAD with a FB account) But wow, I just realised how much social media is taking over our lives – that I legit spent heaps of time thinking about which social media platform will be the best to wish my daddy happy birthday.

Having said that though (and I think my love-hate relationship with Facebook is no secret), I am thankful for technology and social media too because it helped me to reconnect with my primary school ย friend from the Czech Republic. It is crazy how time flies so quickly and how from two kids who used to play in the pool together every day after school, we are both studying law – although miles apart. She’s at Cambridge in the UK and I’m at NUS in Singapore. But she managed to find me on FB and we managed to catch up over FB which is just brilliant. I’ll post about it proper soon (maybe at the end of November, after exams?) and maybe by then, we would have found the other guy from Scotland that we used to play with! Or maybe that post will help him find us ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, I shall go back to preparing for my (mock) trial tomorrow. Pretty psyched for it ^^ Thank you NUS for this module which is really like a breath of fresh air. It is time to channel/find my inner Mike Ross/ Harvey Specter/ Jessica Pearson.


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