of zombies and (wannabe) unicorns

Right now it is 3.20am and I am still awake. I just spring-cleaned 1/5th of my room, which isn’t a lot, but A* for effort. This is what sleeping in till 12.20pm in the afternoon does to my body. I realised that I haven’t slept in till that late since school started in August even after nights out, I still always wake up around 11am latest… so wow. 12.20pm is a freaking achievement/ waste of my life ( I cant decide).

I woke up aching all over because Race the Dead was really that tiring. Race the Dead was my third 5km, the other two being the Safari Zoo Run and Colour Run. Okay, so technically Colour Run wasn’t a legit 5km because we pretty much just walked the whole way through and had heaps of fun. Race the Dead on the other hand was just a killer. I don’t really know what made it so tiring – maybe it was the fact that we were running on the beach which just intensified everything or the fact that we had to sprint away from the zombies, while running on the beach, or maybe the obstacle courses – which included a freaking leopard crawl, army style LOL. But at the end of it, I was just glad that I reached the finish line, even though there were hiccups and moments where I really felt like I could not do it anymore.

This is what I posted on Instagram post Race the Dead yesterday.


Oh yes, it was supposed to be a WHOLE TG activity of like 20 people but in the end only 7 or so signed up and then…. in the end only Nat and I turned up for it. BUT IT’S OK, WE MADE IT TO THE END. And well all know who will survive if a zombie apocalypse really happens! Also, we spotted Spider-man!! And ended up running in the same wave as him. It was hilarious because he took his role very seriously. When two girls were running across a zebra crossing (part of the race route), Spidey then took it upon himself to stand in the middle of the zebra crossing with one arm stretched towards the car as though he was stopping the car. Good on you, Spider-man.

And at the end of the race, Nat and I rewarded ourselves with Magnum ice cream and fries from Macs ^^ There goes 5km.

If you are active on Facebook, you would probably have seen this floating around. I am so amused by it – the SNAILS (students not actually in law school) act ha ha ha. This is really funny, I LUVIT.

A new discover tonight that I absolutely love = the cat emojis on Facebook chat. I was talking to Leon (or rather Leon was talking) about his abs (or lack thereof… this is probably debatable) and then I discovered the emojis. WOW. It is pure magic. Whoever came up with the emojis, YOU ARE A GENIUS.

Look at that, there is a fat cat unicorn!!! W O W hehehe (I was too lazy to crop it so I just got it off the picture I tweeted)


I really love unicorns ^^ Sad fun fact about me and unicorns: I wanted to dress up as a unicorn for a party but I had no time to shop for costumes so I asked people who were shopping to help me look and they couldn’t find. Then my mom helped me to look for a costume when she was out. I APPRECIATE IT V MUCH BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO BUT SHE DID ANYWAY :’) She couldn’t find a hairband with a unicorn horn so she ended up buying a hairband with two horns that can light up when you turn on the switch. Friends who snapchat me would have received at least one snapchat of me and my funky hairband heheh

So that night, I was just a bit bummed but I wore it anyway and told everyone else that I was just a mutated/ special unicorn. Until… someone pointed out that it reminded her of a goat :””(

 HAHAHAH sigh what a joke. Okay I shall go and cry myself to sleep now. (It is 3.46am now. 3 back to back lectures from 10 am – 5.30pm lectures tomorrow, HALP)


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