i miss summer

I heard this song on an 8tracks playlist and when I wanted to go back to look for it, I couldn’t find it anymore. I legit spent half an hour trying to google bits and pieces of the lyrics that I could remember but I could not find the song. And then I heard it on 8tracks again :”) I swear I have so many musical soulmates on 8tracks, my belief in the idea of there being just one soulmate is starting to waver.

But I digress. Here’s the song ๐Ÿ™‚

And I truly miss summer a lot. Last summer in particular. Although last summer was pretty much the most degenerate I’ve ever gotten – inebriated most of the time, doing crazy things that I’d never thought myself the kind to do, doing things I cringe at the memory of and wishing that I’d never done it. But if I could go back to last summer, I gladly would (with a few changes here and there though). Yes, there was a lot of shit leading up to and even during summer but I think that last summer truly was the epitome of YOLO, in the good way. I really, probably was happiest even though it was the saddest period of my life. If that even makes any sense at all.

We had the summertime of our lives
Nothing has ever felt so right
The summertime of our lives
Even though, we had to say goodbye

This will probably be my song for you. I was going to come up with some (in)conspicuous code name(s) like the first letter of your name or something, but I just decided to stick with ‘you’ ; because I really had one of the best times of my life with you. x

(i miss all of you)


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