have my heart/ have it all

I really really love snapchat ha ha ha. Right now, my profile picture on Facebook is my Snapchat transformation from plain ole’ me to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. YES, I AM FINALLY A DISNEY PRINCESS. YES, I AM A BEAUTY NOW WOOHOO. But okay, I admit that it is very ridiculous too.


Anisha Jalla, who made me a Beauty, is a pretty amazing Snapchat artist.

Also, out of all the comments it has received on Facebook, my mother’s “Wow you sure look like a naked baby” takes the cake… I DONT EVEN. But having said that, I am very very thankful for my mother. She is hilarious. As evinced by her Facebook comment. And then a friend messaged me to tell me that he died laughing when he saw my mother’s comment. So I told her and she said “He died laughing? Then why is he still talking?” Oh, Mother! ❤ So much love for her.

I don’t think I say this enough, but I am very thankful for my parents :”””)

Right now, there is officially less than a month to exams. I should be very worried considering the way that I have been studying (or the lack thereof, rather) but I am strangely at peace or maybe I am just very happy because it just means that I am a lot closer to Japan and to Christmas.

I’ve been trying to think of a word to describe the state that I have been in lately, aside from “tired” and I think “content” will fit the bill too. Admittedly, there are things that I have my grouses about. But I think that just means a lot of dying to self and a lot of laying down of my own will that still needs to be done – please still my urge towards rebellion/ let Love keep my will upon its knees.

All I want
All I need
More of You
Less of me
Take this life
Lord it’s Yours
Have my heart
Have it all 


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