Currently craving

  1. Ramen (from Ippudo, please) 
  2. Mac n Cheese 
  3. Sashimi and everything Jap 
  4. Churros from San Churros (or the one from Salt would suffice) 
  5. Roasted Chicken (I like my protein and I quite like the one from The Rotisserie) 
  6. Liu Sha Bao (!!!) 
  7. Anything with salted egg yolk 
  8. Green tea kit kat 
  9. Matcha ice cream 
  10. Zouk’s bangers and mash, complete with a snowball before or after, or both. 
  11. Ribs, from Hurricane’s in Sydney. IT WAS AMAZEBALLS (and this is coming from someone who does not particularly enjoy pork). 




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