This is me. Every. Single. Morning.

I take about half an hour just to be fully awake. Sometimes, 45 mins to an hour on bad days. Since it is exam period and as everyone says, “sleep is for the week”,  I resorted to trying to sleep in more uncomfortable conditions than I am used to so that it would be easier to get up but that hasn’t been all that successful either. On my first night, I rolled out my new pink yoga mat and slept on it in the living room. Woke up the next day at 8 but I was aching all over so I went to my sister’s room, plopped myself on her bed and slept till 10. Ended up getting an allergic reaction/ some weird sickness mid day so I popped some pills and thought I would be better for Friday evening plans, but I was wrong. Knocked out for 5 hours – had to skip dinner with Cass and cell and meeting Chng after 😦 And I was looking forward to being out of my study hole after cooping myself at home the past week. Been keeping late nights to study because my revision has been going so slowly but it’s starting to be counterproductive because of all the falling sick 😦 Sigh.

Last night, I slept on the yoga mat again but I put a sleeping bag over. And it was too comfortable and despite setting 6 alarms, I was struggling to get out of bed this morning 😦 So yes, I have H U G E problems with waking up in the morning. Sigh, and I have a feeling that my papers are morning papers…


I was trying to decide whether to continue studying 1) shares and debentures 2) capital maintenance or 3) protection of minority shareholders. But I couldn’t decide which is the lesser of evils  so I ended up here, blogging.

I enjoy being in school and I really enjoy the learning. But I do not enjoy the madness that comes near exam season – friends cooping themselves up in school all day, errrday and me at home because I tend to get distracted in school. I miss being around my friends. 12 more days till this ends.



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