First paper for Year 2 starts in T W O days. I definitely do not feel as prepared as I should be but at the same time, there is a certain sense of restedness. Although that is really quite worrying because I should be panicking by now – when I still don’t have all the cases that I should know at the tip of my fingers. Saw this on twitter last night : “I think the only case I will have at my fingertips during the exams is……… My pencil case” TRUFAX 😦 😦 😦 

TCH sent out an email awhile back and I think it is okay to post it up here since screenshots of this are floating around Facebook and Twitter. TCH is really such a sweetheart :”) 






To be honest, I am really worried because after this sem, I need to start applying for internships and to plan for TC applications and all that jazz. Then there is the big question “SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO” with regards to exchange (not that my grades right now will guarantee me a spot…) But I really thank God for this sense of peace and I know that no matter what happens, He is in control and everything will turn out according to His plan as long as I walk according to His will. Image


Also, I am immensely thankful that turning 20 on reading week was lovely. I am still reeling with happiness from all the love I have received and all the love I have for all the people that I am blessed to call family and friends :”) Maybe because I am still in my happy bubble, so I am not really feeling the exam stress. I will do a proper post about the birthday next week post exams. But it was wonderful 🙂 This week has truly been wonderful. 

I wish I can collect all these happy feelings – the unadulterated bliss of just spending time with your loved ones (and momentarily forgetting about the impending doom aka exams), the joy that comes from the knowledge of loving and being loved by the people that matter the most and the most recent very frivolous moment when I literally jumped for joy just because:) I wish I can collect all these happy moments and every time I feel bummed, I’ll just take them out, relieve it again and know that everything will be okay. 


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