I have been meaning to do a proper post bout reading week/ birthday week, exams and the end of it. But I have been so swamped with meeting people I haven’t seen in awhile, living it up with my fav people and I barely have time to do a proper blog post. Also, my lack of updates is mainly because post-exams my attention span is now almost non-existent because I cannot sit in front of a computer screen and just type for more than 5 minutes. So here I am, typing this on the way home.

It has truly been a real joy to be able to meet up with people who are very dear to me. During term time, it felt like I barely had time to meet people who were not in law school or who are not from church because by default, I see these people every week. So now, I just feel really blessed to have all the time in the world (okay, a few weeks only, to be exact) to meet up with these people. Although my wallet is crying because of all the money spent on food/ shopping and on making up for lost time. $.$ I have been going out every day and my dad joked that they should cage me up so I will stop spending so much.

Yesterday morning, all 4 of us squeezed on my parents’ bed, not really doing anything. We were all just lying there doing nothing in particular, but it was great. I think I’ve come to realize that it’s not so much about the things that you do but the people you spend time with that makes the time worth while. And I think I have been spending my time pretty well :> I haven’t been spending a lot of time being degen so yay me.


GPOY – this is really how I feel about the way I have been spending my time (some of it anyways) and the pure bliss of freedom. large-5

Also, I’ll be leaving for Japan in exactly a week’s time. SO PSYCHED. So many people are in Japan right now and I have been getting snapchats/ seeing Instagram updates of food and places and I am very excited. (More so for the food, to be honest lol #pig4lyfe). Then the day that I get back from Japan, I will be headed off to SWAT camp till the 31st.

Wanted to get a mini tree to put up in my room but I realised I won’t even be around for Christmas this year, again, so I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of having a tree. But I helped to build/ decorate a friend’s tree this year so I’m feeling pretty swell bout it. 15 more days to Christmas!!



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