Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

I miss the Chinese New Year holidays.
As far as I remember, the visiting schedule for CNY has pretty much remained the same for the longest time, but it feels really different this year.
Three of my cousins are married with kids now and we have all outgrown the days of playing with sparklers and dai ti. Now we play with newborn babies and just watch DVDs together.
Also, instead of steamboat dinner with distant relatives from abroad, because they did not come to Singapore this year, I spent it at a friend’s place. Last year I’d learnt how to play mahjong at Joseph’s and this year I relearnt it again PLUS I learnt how to play blackjack (!!!) I also had my first taste of legit CNY gambling although I started small with 50cents lol. GO BIG OR GO HOME. Next year ^^ I think it’s nice how the .17 folks still keep in touch and meet occasionally :”) especially since we had a rather dysfunctional class during school days. I don’t know how next CNY will be when all the boys go overseas though :”(
I think this CNY serves as a reminder of how we are growing up (and old) so quickly. From playing card games and running a round with sparklers to playing with my nieces and nephews. (Omg, people actually call me “Aunty” now) And from AC days where biggest concerns would be having to spend too much time in class with some people, to feeling a small sense of loss at the realization that a lot of them are going to join those that have already left to study abroad for a good many years soon.
I’ve seen this CNY how with some people, we grow up and grow apart. But I hope that with others, that will not happen.

I’m writing this on my way home from school. I heard the library closing song for the first time in my 1 year + 1 full sem and counting in law school. And this is the first time I’m staying back in school for so long when it is not exam season. Thank you public law and equity for giving me this opportunity to hear the closing song!
(And no the closing song is not a Beethoven song, at least not that I know of. Just that I couldn’t find the title of the closing song when I googled it.)


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