Niks Maple Clinic (Jurong)

I never had flawless, tofu skin but I’ve never had really bad skin, until now. Actually, it started in Year 6 before IB exam. I went to my first dermatologist then and it got better and it was almost as good as new. Then came pre-uni, specifically after my period of self-diagnosed depression (okay, I probably wasn’t depressed but there was a lot of emotional stress) and after I came back from the impromptu trip to Melbourne (IMY Xue, and Melb). I decided to go to another dermatologist nearer home instead. But I really disliked the staff at the clinic and the horrible waiting time – even though I made appointments, I still had to wait at least an hour before my consult. My face got better for awhile but it started to get worse again and I’m tired to looking prepubescent. It’s so frustrating! If I’m still going to have breakouts like a pubescent teenager, at least give me a growth spurt to make it worth it right? Grrrr. Also, I’ve been feeling a bit insecure about my face and I’ve been toying with the idea of holing up at home and not meeting anyone until it is okay… 😦 So this time, I decided to try Niks Maple Clinic since a few people recommended it online. 

I was quite amused when the staff there made me take photos of the products and the order in which to use them, specifically for my face (in the day, at night) and for my eczema. 



Tonight is my first time using it but it feels good on the skin and I was pretty excited to wake up and see whether there’s any progress. BUT. After using it, I decided to read more reviews and quite a few reviews stated that their skin got worse right after using it (why did I not see these reviews before deciding to go?) So I’m a little worried right now :/ Hopefully my skin won’t flare up tomorrow :< The Niks website did include a mini disclaimer in their FAQ that the skin will worsen at first before getting better as a way of purging all the nonsense.  

Also, paying $227.30 for all the products that I have been given + the consultation seems pretty affordable. Now we’ll just see whether it is effective! I’m due for a review in 3 weeks time, so fingers cross that this time, Niks will work! Kudos to my mom for driving me there and to the folks for all of the money they have spent on my skin he he he :”) ❤ 

This is the best photo that I could find of a close up shot pre stupid skin issues, with May May :> Her Olympus Pen takes good photos but yes, I hope it gets back to this state soon! 



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