Give thanks with a grateful heart

Trying to write down all the happy feels and moments that I am grateful for today before I fall asleep and forget:
1. Went for my first soccer training before Law-Med on Saturday haha. Initially I was just planning on watching the training because I was having horrible cramps but somehow it got better so I played and throughout training i felt okay so thank God πŸ™‚ also, training turned out to be better than I expected. I was expected myself to be incredibly terrible but I was just terrible so yay hahaha
2. Combined VCF session with Med CF and we got to discuss the topic of abortion. Initially I thought I would have nothing to say but I am glad for the session. It really made me think and reflect on a lot of things. That turned out a lot better than I had expected too πŸ™‚
3. I finished my first public tutorial before class and I could kind of keep up. And I felt like I learnt something from today’s tutorial.
4. In between tutorial and soccer training, I had a good time of doing my devotion at the fourth floor benches.
5. Had a good time of sharing and prayer with new found friends from Medicine and Nursing, they are a lovely bunch.
6. Managed to hitch a ride home from a senior. She is truly the epitome of the Roald Dahl quote that “If you think lovely thoughts, it will come shining out of your face and you will look lovely.” (Paraphrased) I don’t know her very well but I think that she is beautiful both inside and out. And the outward beauty is really even more so because of how kind and loving she is on the inside.” (I hope this did not come out creepy. I just really look up to people like that. So far I have only met less than a handful of people who give me such an impression and they are truly people that I look up to a lot.)
7. Spent some time with family even though I got home late tonight.
8. For breakfast, mum made me bacon sandwich from leftover bacon from my Valentines Day toast cups.
9. Got to talk to Eunice tonight. We have not talked properly in awhile and I have missed her so I am very glad that we got to catch up and have honest conversations πŸ™‚

Speaking of Valentines Day, I had such a lovely time that day, the whole weekend and pretty much since then. Will do a post on that separately because such lovely things deserve their own space. Also, my eyelids can’t keep open anymore zzzz


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