i n f i n i t e ∞

Backlog of things that I’ve been wanting to pen down in case I forget:

1. Lovely Bebes Valentines date

vday with the girls officially started in school and here is a photo of our debut on justified

potluck with the girls on vday night and it was a very lovely night + it was the happiest i have been in awhile

just some of the things that made that night lovely:
my first attempt at making toast cups for the potluck turned out pretty well! yay
Imagethe food was amazing (all my Bebes are domestic goddesses)

Imagefinally satisfied my brownie craving after spending half of equity seminar looking at recipes of brownies (idk why i torture myself like that, but i do)
got to give out my cheap thrill vday cards, sometimes idk how i have friends haha but thank you for tolerating me. this is my favorite card of the night hehe
Imagewe had good conversations that are only apt for girls and it’s always followed with peals of laughter
it was our first sleepover!!! (and i hope it is not the last) *yay to this milestone in our friendship
watched the men’s figure skating FS – its such a wonderful feeling to be able to watch my favorite sport with some of my favorite people, it really made me so happy
even though Patrick Chan got the silver and that made me sadder than I expected, but i didnt feel too crabby because the girls were there 🙂 (also there will be an entire post on Patrick Chan and the olympics soon!)
taught the girls how to “shoot the duck” off-ice and that was funny
played saboteur – and that reminded me of ac days
snapchat frenzy, sometimes snap chatting each other but thats how we roll~
realizing how happy i was and just being so thankful for these bunch of girls that i got to know in law school :>

that night in the midst of sharing laughs with the girls and just being happy, i thought of the quote from perks that “in that moment, i swear we were infinite” and i think that is really how i felt. that i was happy and nothing can bother me or hurt me and i just wanted to continue living in the moment exactly as it was :>

2. Went for my first adoption drive over the weekend

no pictures for this one but the puppies were lovely
it was the Action for Singapore Dogs adoption drive and it was all the way in kembangan but i really appreciate the parents who took the time off and drove us there
so they dropped us off and waited for us for about half an hour as my sis and i just sat there and played with the puppies
there was this particular one that would keep coming over and snuggling in our laps, he is so precious
got to feed a dog treats for the first time in a long while (i miss my jacky boy)

shoutout to everyone considering getting a pet – don’t buy a dog or pets from pet shops, consider adopting first because so many lovely animals are just waiting to find a new home and owners that can give them love that they did not get the first time around. do check out the asd website!

3. Additions to non-Monday blues, lovely Monday post
just a shout out to tricia teo really because i was in a rush for school that day so i forgot my toiletries and post soccer training, she lent me toiletries to shower PLUS she was even equipped with a hairdryer, what a boss.

went back to ac with theodore yesterday for lunch with madam and it was good to be back. its my second time going back this year. no photos from yesterday but here’s some photos from the trip back with christie and rox earlier this year, we even went back in our school uniform lol

2014-01-03 17.38.19 2014-01-03 17.43.42

also from the last trip back with chris and rox, i realized i can still fit inside the locker! Proof on instagram 

even though i only spent two years there, ac feels so familiar and i really enjoy going back to school 🙂

so on Wednesday after public law lecture, YQ came up to me and asked me where I wanted to go for lunch and then we started talking about soccer and they showed me this hilarious soccer video of a player’s shorts being pulled down. then all of a sudden, judith just said that benji had a song to sing to me… so they started singing the fish  & co birthday song and i just died because it was not too long ago that we went to fish & co to celebrate benji’s birthday, mainly because he would have to wear a lobster suit and endure the singing. so i thought he was being weird and i was losing it because it was so funny so i just kept laughing and laughing without noticing that judith was holding on to a bag. at the end of the song she said it was for me and i was just like… HUH? and then they told me it was a onesie and i was really very excited, i didnt know whether to cry to laugh hehehe and i was just very super duper touched.
thank you very much friendsies ❤


i am really so incredibly blessed with the loveliest people in my life. i don’t know what i did to deserve them but thank you God for all the people that you have blessed me with  :”)


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