Post- Sochi 2014

The 2014 Olympics officially ended yesterday and after a few weeks of streaming the Olympics (thank you CBC!!!) and watching it once on Mio TV, it feels so bittersweet that something that now there is nothing to chase after at night.

From the outset, I was definitely rooting for Team Canada with Virtue & Moir and Patrick Chan. The people that I have been rooting for did not get the gold medal that they wanted – Virtue/Moir, Patrick Chan and even Kim Yuna. Funny enough, they all got the silver medal during their respective events. But they all skated beautifully :”) Most of the time, I stream the Olympics via CBC and the quality is really terrible so there’s a lot of lag time while the stream is buffering so the ‘loss’ in that sense never really hit home. But watching the Men’s Free Skate where Patrick was the silver medalist on Iris’s Mio TV, complete with the big screen was really really heartbreaking. Yuzuru Hanyu skated before Patrick Chan and he fell twice during his program so I was  hopeful that it would be enough to get the gold. And I was really just watching Patrick Chan’s program with bated breath – there was so much anxiety and tension. My live tweet of the program was basically “MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIIS”. Which was very true. And when he under rotated and did not land a few clean jumps, the Bebes would give collective gasps and I would squirm and squeal. And when the scores came out, it was so obvious that he was disappointed and I felt so sad for him. It was a really really really good skate, regardless. #teampchiddyforever

Patrick Chan is such a sweetheart :”)



My favorite boys from Team Canada


I think one thing that has been bugging me is how a lot of people have been complaining that the Olympics these year are of “low standards” and that the skaters this year kept falling during their routine. But before anyone criticizes, land a clean quad jump/ triple axel first >: All the skates were amazing, the Team Canada skaters, Yuna Kim, Mao’s amazing come back during the Free Style program and everyone just did so beautifully :”)

I just finished watching the Figure Skating Gala and it is amazing!!!!! *Insert googly heart-shaped eyes emoticon* I legit had goosebumps when all the skaters skating in the gala, basically the stars of the Olympics, came out and skated on the ice together in their national team tracksuit. Yulia Lipnitskaya was great especially for a 15 year old and I can just imagine how brilliant a skater she will be in the future. I enjoyed Tatsuki Machida’s program for the gala – his jumps were so clean and he looked like he was having so much fun with his air guitar, I really had so much fun watching him. China’s Pang Xin and Tong Jian’s pairs program to Les Miserables was beautiful and you can see what a difference it makes when you are a couple on and off the ice. Quote of the gala event “A body like this doesn’t just happen” – Javier Fernandez + how he stripped into a superhero costume halfway through.


Kim Yuna’s skate to Imagine was lovely and her costume was beautiful. Tessa and Scott were lovely as usual #TEAMCANDAFOREVER The line up from Kim Yuna to Tessa and Scott and then Patrick Chan just made my night. He is really such a joy to watch. And then after Patrick Chan’s skate, I fast forwarded till all the skaters were back on ice together. It was so really so beautiful :”)

Gala night 🙂


All the skaters who have brought so much joy, beauty and inspiration to my life :”) x

Because you can never have too much of Patrick Chan

Also, I have the funniest friends Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 12.36.46 AM


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