All things work for good

God has really been so good to me. I just received one of the best calls I’ve ever had this afternoon.
I’ve been worrying about internships and I’d actually just received a rejection email from a certain law firm for my application to intern in July. I was quite bummed about it and I was worried that I won’t be able to intern AT ALL this summer. But this afternoon, I received a call from a law firm that I’ve had the pleasure of having lessons at and they offered me an internship during the month of July instead of May, for which I had applied. Then I realised that I would be interning at the same time with two friends so I am just b happy and thankful!! I was reminded of my mum’s verse for the year Jer 29:11 and she’s always been saying “all things work for good” all the time. And it really has proven to be true.
Thank You Jesus for being so good to me. And for how everything just works out according to Your timing and plan :”)


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